Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dick Morris - A Horrific Statist

Dick Morris would be more than happy to make our high schools into prisons by drug testing every high school student.

Dick Morris is a representative of the totalitarian fascist faction of the National Republican Party... and he calls Congressman Ron Paul horrific????

Morris would be happy to continue the government subsidization of the creation of enormous debt by our college students. Debt which enslaves them to the state.

Morris's brand of governance is just as bad as the current Obama statist policies.

Bravo to Peter Schiff for exposing Dick Morris.

Boycott Dick Morris's book!


Corinne in Milford, CT said...

Dear Dick Morris:

News flash! Not everyone who interviews you is a butt kisser. If that's what you want, you should stick with Hannity.

Corinne Miller
Milford, CT

Jim O'Sullivan said...

Please explain to me how labeling anyone a "totalitarian fascist" moves an argument forward. Reasonable adults can state their opinions without name calling.

As a staunch conservative my sense has been that only those losing the argument comport in this manner...or use name calling as a tactic to demonize those that see the world differently.

I concede that the ultra left has used this approach to "back down" those with which they disagree and seem to play the "politically correct" card or the "multicultural", or "diversity", or the "race" card...on the premise...if you say it enough, and loud enough, it will believed.

People are wising up and turning off name callers!

Anonymous said...

The besty advice I can offer someone going to college is do not get student loans. The second best advice I can offer is if you must get student loans do not get the biggest loan you qualify for. Get a part time job while in school and a full time job in the summer. Stay at home not in an apartment. finish your first two years at a community college not a four year college.
Too many students make the mistake of using their student loans to live beyond their means. Don't borrow money.

Judy Aron said...

Jim - I am not "name calling" - it is a fact that Dick Morris is a "totalitarian fascist". Just listen to what he says. Just listen to what policies he would put in place? You don't consider that totalitarian fascism?

Anonymous said...

Judy, I hope you will be posting about the college kid who is suing the FBI for planting a GPS device on his car..
(sorry, I know this comment isn't on topic)

Jim O'Sullivan said...

Judy-Dick Morris can be way out there on occasion, but a fascist...come on!

Judy Aron said...

Way out there? You mean like advocating for totalitarian policies like drug testing every kid in high school (which now he is fervently back peddling on) - you mean like saying we need to dictate how people live their lives? and make sure all kids beholden tot he State and are in debt up to their eyeballs with government loans?

The truth is authoritarians like Morris give real "small-government conservatives" a bad name.

Dick Morris is no Conservative - Conservative principles, quite clearly, are: 1) Limited, locally controlled government. 2) Individual liberty coupled with personal responsibility. 3) Free enterprise. 4) A strong national defense. 5) Fiscal responsibility.

Prohibition - and the social monitoring that he calls for is authoritarian and is an assault on the economy, the Constitution and our liberty.