Friday, March 18, 2011

Rand Paul Schools Ms. Hogan

Rand Paul on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee - Finally a voice for choice and the free market.

It's about time that these agency heads get a dose of this type of push back. Consumers are sick to death of them promoting items that do not work and items we do not want. I'll wager it's to payback people who either run those companies, or hold stock in those companies, that produce the stuff they want us all to buy.

We need to get abolish the Department of Energy, then move on to the Department of Education. Shrink government and fire these useless tyrannical bureaucrats and Eco-Nazis that tell us how to live our lives.

Finally... please... someone... get Senator Rand Paul and the rest of America a toilet that works!


Anonymous said...

Half of the departments of federal government could be eliminated along with all their expensive employees. The remaining bureacratic departments (not the FBI or border patrol) should have an immediate 10% staff cut followed by a serious examination of what they do that is both necessary and constitutional with the intent of making further cuts. Additionally all our legislation/laws should be sunsetted in five years. That is all laws should be reviewed and rewritten if necessary and voted on again. One of our major problems is the huge volume of laws and amendments and sneaky sentences that make the red tape so insidious.

Michelle said...

I love love love this video. It's really weird to hear ANY politician using common sense or talking about freedom instead of "safety" or "protection".

Oh, and I'm desperately in need of a toilet that works too. We should start a toilet company deregulation petition. (Somehow, I don't think a boycott of all toilets will work out.)