Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bretton Woods 2 Continues

You think Soros and his crew are done?
Not a chance.
Their little timeline is moving along as planned.

So here is what has happened since Bretton Woods 2 - You think this is all by coincidence? - Not a chance - and the wheels of the US dollar collapse are in motion:
April 8-11: Bretton Woods II Conference, a collaborative attempt at rearranging the global financial order

April 9: Gold and Silver prices begin their epic climb

April 11: PIMCO (the world's largest bond fund) bets against US debt, hits the dominoes... PIMCO bets against US debt

April 12: The US Budget deal that avoided the government shutdown is exposed as sham

--> IMF scolds the US, saying it needs to tackle its deficit, and questions the US' ability to meet its fiscal commitments

April 15: "Dollar status questioned ahead of G20 confab" by "experts"... Experts recommend abandoning US dollar

April 16: University of Texas orders physical gold, 'cashes out' investments (which might start a bank rush to obtain physical gold)

April 18: S&P threatens to downgrade the US credit rating, causes a financial dip - could be used as fodder for the debt ceiling debate and QE3

--> Gold prices explode after S&P downgrade announcement

--> US debt officially goes above the debt ceiling (but the "debt subject to the limit" is still $52 billion shy)

April 25 - IMF declares the end of the "Age of America" - Yesterday's big news was that the International Monetary Fund chimed the death knell for the United States' superpower-dom.

The Chinese plan to cut its US reserves by two-thirds.

Gold and silver continue to climb and the dollar weakens.

This is by design.
The Obama administration has helped to realize this mess with QE1 and QE2 and bailouts and the TARP. They have done their utmost to bankrupt us all. There has been no fiscal sanity. The Keynesian experiment has failed miserably.

and now... Congress is still debating whether to raise our debt ceiling (i.e. increase the limit on our credit card) or stop the borrowing and maintain some sort of sanity. Austerity would be the order of the day. Those who support raising the debt ceiling are using fear tactics and telling old people that they will not get Social Security payments and that the sky will fall... that we will be in default and financial Armageddon will be upon us.

Financial Armageddon will happen either way.
Personally, I opt for not raising the debt ceiling - cutting our spending and balancing the budget.
Bring jobs home, end the costly regulations, get the engine of business going.
Lower taxes, encourage saving and investing.
End corporate welfare.
End entitlement spending.
End these idiotic costly wars.
Deport freeloaders.
and more....

And now... those who laughed at people like Peter Schiff and mocked him ...now ask for his comment....

Here's some truth talk:

Just remember... things are not getting any more expensive... the dollar is just losing its value. (Thank you Ben Bernanke and company)
And Mr. Soros likes that just fine, because it means we will be needing a new world currency to flee to. The only hitch is that this new world currency will be yet another fiat falsehood controlled by the likes of Soros and others in the IMF.

When that happens, we will lose our financial sovereignty and political sovereignty.
That would be the worst of it all.