Monday, April 25, 2011

Going Galt On The High Seas?

Seasteading is a concept that may be beginning to germinate.

Patri Friedman, grandson of Milton Friedman, is working on developing new frontiers on the high seas. Since there is really no more land to be "claimed" or "explored", this is his way of developing a new political system in a new space.

I've actually met Patri Friedman. He's an interesting person, for sure. I heard him speak about seasteading once at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum. It was quite interesting to hear him talk about this concept. His talk was similar to this one:

Right now, the Seasteading Institute is raising money to make this idea a reality.

When you think about it -
Over thirty million people a year already visit floating cities in the form of cruise ships, which provide water, food, power, service staff, and safety from the waves at a cost as low as $60/night.
Seasteading would only be a more permanent situation.
Seasteaders seek to have autonomy and self-sufficiency. They would have their own money - grow their own food - create their own energy. Eventually, they would want to be their own nation.

It's kind of a cool idea really... a "Galt's Gulch" of sorts.

Then again, one wonders if this is merely just running away from the problems of today to create yet another place that can be run by its own set of elites - most likely the corporate funders of this project.

Seems to me that we should face the problems that we have here on land and institute some real change... somehow.

Then there are others who say, "There's no way to fix what's here - we're screwed". And indeed, they are ready to set sail.