Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is It A Forgery?

"I am not a crook."- Richard Milhous Nixon. November 17, 1973.

"I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." - Bill Clinton, January 26, 1998

"I was born in Hawaii, August 4, 1961" - B. Hussein Obama. April 27, 2011.

OK, so the White House released a birth certificate yesterday for Barack Hussein Obama II that purports to be the real deal. It even looks similar to the one's presented by the Nordyke family (they were born the day after Obama was born - supposedly same hospital)

The president then held a big presser about it... saying he had more important things to do than answer these silly questions about his birth records. (that was before he ran off to be on Oprah and then do a fundraiser - because he has more important things to do...)

The Left of course has already begun to mock Donald Trump, "birthers" and anyone else who dares question the validity/eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama II.
To question of course is considered racist, stupid, blah, blah, blah.
(name calling is quite popular on the Left - they believe it shuts down an argument)

Now the Left will of course condemn anyone who questions the validity of this document.
That being said....

It didn't take people too long to download and really examine this document - PDF file - that was released on the Internet by the White House. Of course they would.

Quite frankly, there are people - graphics professionals - who deal with determining the validity of these kinds of documents on a daily basis. They can tell you if a document has been messed with, fabricated - or if indeed it is what it purports to be.

These people claim to have very quickly found it to be a forgery - or at least a document that has been obviously, and very sloppily, altered. They claim there are layers in this document that should not have layers. They say it has multiple elements when it should not. They say it is not a single image, as a true scan that was simply PDF'd would be

A professional high end graphics designer weighs in on the issue and says:

National Review even wrote about it.

Karl Denninger at Market Ticker is an Adobe Illustrator expert and he has close-ups of the alterations AND claims there is a log embedded in the document detailing the alterations. He offers some very revealing document analysis. I especially like the blurred pixels in the document number... which indicates an alteration. I have seen that type of blurring in photo images that have been changed.

and another very interesting point has been raised by Ann Barnhardt:
I Have One Question for Obama
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - April 27, AD 2011 9:09 AM MST

Why wasn't the document that you released today released in connection with the Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin? Why has LTC Lakin been sitting in a cell at Ft. Leavenworth for the last 5 1/2 months when the entire matter COULD have been resolved, and LTC Lakin WOULD have deployed to Afghanistan as originally scheduled if this simple form had been released? What possible, possible explanation can there be for this? What kind of person sits and watches another person lose their career, pension and PERSONAL FREEDOM over the release of an apparently simple-to-procure vital record which should have already been provided in the context of applying for your current job position?

How is flaunting the Rule of Law to the point that an honorable man who stood in defence of the Rule of Law is FALSELY IMPRISONED amusing, or mere political brinksmanship?

If you would do this to LTC Lakin, what would you do to me, or any other American? How can any of us feel safe and secure in our persons if the Chief Executive and sworn protector of the Constitution LAUGHS at the Rule of Law, and considers HIMSELF to be the law of the land?

Why should We The People put up with your treason, dereliction of duty and high crimes and misdemeanors for one more day?

Ann Barnhardt
Lone Tree, CO
April 27, AD 2011

In any case....
You knew there would be more questions.
This is not over.

... and by the way... where are those college records/documents? Did he indeed apply to college as a foreign national? and how come his nationality was listed as Indonesian when he attended school there?

Interestingly enough, it didn't take media outlets too long to interview and have an extensive write-up about the doctor, David A. Sinclair, whose signature appears on this long form birth certificate... wouldn't it be funny if someone checked his calendar and found he was out playing golf that day?

Some say this case of eligibility is NOT settled! One comment on an article states:
'A "natural born Citizen" is a child born in the USA of two (2) U.S. Citizens. The parents can be Citizens by Birth or they can be Citizens by Naturalization after immigrating to the USA. But to create a "natural born Citizen" of the United States both parents must be Citizens at the time the child is born in the USA. See this legal reference book used by the founders and framers of our Constitution: Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law, Vol.1 Chapter 19 Section 212, Emer de Vattel, 1758-1797.'

Like it or not .... there's still many questions...
Unfortunately, this is probably being used as a distraction from things like Ben Bernanke's presser and his comments on the coming inflation.