Friday, April 8, 2011

Obama's Go On Yet Another Vacation

This time the Obama's and their entourage (including Queen Michelle's mom) are heading off to Williamsburg, VA. They say it's a jaunt they have been planning for a long time. They say it's "so the two girls can learn more about the history of the country their father leads". (eyeroll)

Don't these people ever stay home?

It must be nice to gallivant all over creation on the public dime while said public is struggling to pay its own bills.

I guess President Obama has some time between golf games and choosing basketball brackets to go away for some "rest and relaxation". One would never believe the man has a country to run.

Honestly, I am disgusted.
It is crystal clear that this man and his family use this office for personal gain and satisfaction instead of really actually serving.
We've got fiscal crisis - inflation - joblessness - and 3 wars going on, and this guy goes from vacation to golf course to vacation.
As for Michelle Obama - she has got to be the biggest waste of a First Lady in American history.

Talk about a bunch of "Takers" .....

or and by the way - with regard to gas prices - Obama tells us all get used to it or buy a new car.

What an inspirational leader (NOT).

I guess the upside of this is that the potholes in Virginia are getting repaired very quickly in preparation for the "Royal Visit".