Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Obama's UnConstitutional War On Libya

Two videos of interest:

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"There are some of us who have a respect for the Constitution who are worried about the precedent that is set by allowing a President to go to war with no debate, no discussion. He had time to go to the UN. He had time to go to the Arab League. He had the time to go just about everywhere in the world to ask for permission, except for down Pennsylvania Avenue to the Congress which the Constitution says he has to come here. And he went everywhere else but here." - Sen. Rand Paul

in the meantime - Sen. Reid shuts down the Senate.
A "sense of the Senate" resolution by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky., left) opposing President Obama's Libyan intervention using Obama's own words as a senator has tied up the U.S. Senate as Democratic Party leaders avoid an embarrassing vote against the leader of their party. Paul's resolution had been offered as an amendment to the Small Business Reauthorization bill....

Since the Paul-Lee amendment was offered on the floor of the Senate March 30, there haven't been any floor votes. Senator Paul told Fox Business Channel's Judge Andrew Napolitano on his show Freedom Watch March 31:

Right now, my resolution has been basically taken off the table. For three days now, we've had no votes. And they're not going to vote again today, maybe because I think they don't want to vote on whether or not Congress should have this authority. They're embarrassed that the President took them to war precisely with the same kind of reasoning that they've always criticized up here.