Friday, April 29, 2011


Remember Real ID?

It's the National ID card that the government wants to cram down our throats.
It will cost money to administer and it will be yet another way for the government to track you and gather information.
It didn't die - it just came back under a different name.

So now, in CT it's called "Select ID" and it's being pushed as an identity protection gimmick. Now it's voluntary, and you get a "gold star" as a reward (like in grade school) - and if you decline then you will be subject to additional federal screening when traveling or perhaps just whenever they feel like it. How nauseating.
You know this Select ID will become mandatory before too long.... and voila... REAL ID - show me your papers.

Here's the scoop from West Hartford News..
The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles will start a new program in the fall to offer verified identity protection to people renewing driver licenses and DMV-issued identification cards.

The department will ask renewing customers whether they want to show original identity documents to establish an historical record of their identity with the agency as well as for federal identification purposes. Customers can also decline the verification and simply get a regular driver's license or ID card.

Through the program, called Select CT ID, people verifying will get a gold star on the license or ID card. Those declining will have one stamped "Not for Federal Identification." Those without verification could face extra federal screening under a proposed program slated to go into effect in 2017 for airports and federal buildings and that also could be used for possible commercial transactions.

The program stems from national identification standards resulting from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the U.S. It is also designed to offer residents additional protection against identity theft by having a historical record of proven original identity documents shown to DMV.

The overall program in brief:

• The program, which begins October 3, will be phased in during the next six years as all licenses and ID cards come up for renewal. The renewal date is on the front of the card.

• People wanting a license or ID card indicating their identity was verified by DMV will need to present certain original documents like a birth certificate, a valid U.S. passport or other primary documents, proof of name changes including as a result of marriage, divorce, etc. as well as of current address.

• Anyone not wanting this verification can simply decline and renew their regular license or DMV-issued ID card. If someone declines, a valid U.S. passport can serve the same purpose as the verified license or ID card at federal screening checkpoints.

• Non-U.S. citizens who request the identity check must show various identity documents and legal presence in the U.S. that DMV will verify online. Without legal presence, DMV will not renew the driver's license or DMV-issued ID card.

• Anyone with a renewed license can drive legally regardless of whether an identity check is done.

• Complete information about the program, including the kinds of identification needed, can be found at

This identity protection and verification program is a one-time review of original identity documents. This new program will be available in all DMV and AAA offices. DMV is announcing the program today to help people who have fall renewal dates prepare now by obtaining documents they might need when renewing a driver's license or DMV-issued ID card.

In addition, DMV beginning May 10 will periodically close different offices statewide for part or all of the day to conduct a uniform review of processes associated with this new identity protection program. See the closing schedule at

Connecticut currently requires all new applicants for driver licenses or DMV-issued ID card to have this identity verification. For both customer convenience and for any future federal purposes, DMV is extending the option now to all others who had a license or ID card prior to the agency starting verification for new applicants several years ago.

The cost of the driver license or I.D. card renewals cards is the same whether identity is verified or not. (Regular license renewal for 6 years is $66; anyone 65 years-old and older can renew for two years at $22; commercial driver's license renewal is every 4 years and is $60. DMV-issued ID cards are renewed for $22.50 for six years.)

Want to know more about Real ID?
The Real ID Act creates a federal identity document that every American will need in order to fly on commercial airlines, enter government buildings, open a bank account, and more.

It creates huge administrative burdens for state governments, while providing only minimal federal funds for implementing its onerous requirements. At the same time, it does nothing to combat terrorism, and puts us at greater risk for invasions of privacy and identity theft.

On this page you can learn more about Real ID: the costs, the burdens, and the real bureaucratic nightmare coming to a DMV near you.

REAL ID is not dead... not at all.