Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chipping America

Here's a TV advertisement for human implantable RFID chip uploaded to YouTube in July 2010.

They are selling this tagging device to you "for your protection".
I say they can take their chips and shove them.
I am not cattle!!
I am not a piece of inventory!!

Your electronic medical records that they are now establishing as part of Obamacare and your bank information will all be retrieved eventually with this chip.

REAL-ID is all part of the slide to this.
Your Drivers license becomes your ID.
Your ID is part of a database.
Your medical records will be in a database.
Your bank records will be in a database.
Your chip number will access it all.

I recall that people in Auschwitz had the "low-tech" version:

Do not allow them to chip you - ever.
Especially if they say "it's for your own good".
Believe me - it is not.