Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama Following The Hitler Propaganda Playbook

It's just amazing what the sheeple will fall for...

In the name of "national security" and to "keep people safe"
A new national alert system is set to begin in New York City that will alert the public to emergencies via cell phones.

Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said the system would also warn about terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, are already on board. Consumers would be able to opt out of all but those presidential messages.

The announcement of the new emergency alert system came Monday in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and an uptick in security and safety concerns around New York City.

For now, the system is capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts.

By the end of the year, the new system will be in place in New York City and Washington and in cities around the country by the end of 2012.

Did you know that one of the first things Hitler and the Nazi party did was to hand out radios to the people? They were required in every household. They were then used for propaganda.
To ensure that everybody could hear Hitler speak, Goebbels organised the sale of cheap radios. these were called the "People's Receiver" and they cost only 76 marks. A smaller version cost just 35 marks. Goebbels believed that if Hitler was to give speeches, the people should be able to him. Loud speakers were put up in streets so that people could not avoid any speeches by the Fuhrer. Cafes and other such properties were ordered to play in public speeches by Hitler.
It wouldn't surprise me if cell phones with Obama alert capability will be given out to the poor and "illegal". Just another service he'll provide as fuhrer.. er leader. Wait till the Obama propaganda machine starts sending messages out to these cell phones.

Bogeyman Bin Laden is still being used by the government to control us with fear... and I hear Osama has hit the campaign trail with Obama.

Big Sis no doubt will be able to better track you with these specially chipped phones and alerts. It is being said that all cell phones in recent years have GPS receivers, and that the owners of those phone are able to disable the GPS via their phone settings... however, law enforcement may have the capability to track using trilateration anyway. Plus, it is said that the police via the cell phone company can turn on the GPS only with a serial number. (Supposedly they need a warrant to do that)

More TSA groping in more places - bus stations, train stations,,,
REAL-ID that you will carry showing your proper identification.
ID Chips in your arms.

We now have the high tech version of this:'s for "your safety".
Aren't you glad we live in a "free country"?