Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dark Intentions Of Public Schooling

Read the quotes - listen to what the "pillars" of American government education said.
And you wonder why our American education system is in shambles?

Today's government school agenda is all about globalism (under the guise of competing in the world), and learning to be submissive (under the guise of respecting authority) and being de-sensitized to constant surveillance (under the guise of protection and safety).

Parents have abrogated their duties to educate in deference to "the education professionals". Usually, when schools ask for parental "involvement" it is more about parental support for the school's agenda versus any real interest in what the parent says or prefers regarding their child's education.

Added to this is the unbelievable power of teachers unions and administrators.
Municipalities are going broke, and taxpayers are being pillaged to pay for the pensions and healthcare of educators in a system that produces children who cannot think or reason or calculate or spell or speak properly.

This is America's tragedy.

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