Wednesday, June 15, 2011

G. Edward Griffin On The Left-Right Paradigm

Left and Right marching us all to "high tech feudalism" and One World Governance.

Instead of Left and Right we should be talking about Freedom versus Tyranny.

We should be examining candidates and parties based on whether they support and defend the Constitution and our Rights versus those who wish to dismantle our sovereignty and usher in bigger more intrusive government and who wish to enslave us with more rules and regulations and taxation and collectivism.

The media makes these elections into sporting events ... two teams ... and you must root for one or the other.

Case in point... questions asked by CNN to Republican candidates for President included:
Coke or Pepsi?
Spicy or Mild?
Deep Dish or Thin Slice Pizza?
Leno or Conan?

It's nonsense!

It's clear they do not wish to actually talk about really important issues and waste time with populist twaddle meant to amuse the masses in the name of "getting to know the candidates".

With 9.1% unemployment and 1/7 of our population on food stamps, we are no longer amused!

Right - Left paradigm.... it keeps the country divided. It keeps us distracted from the real issues. It keeps us from making any real substantive changes.

Keep your eye out for it and don't be fooled.


Laura said...

You are SO right. I have been trying to tell people about this distraction tactic for the last few years. Most don't care, and most of those who do care don't believe it can be changed. I go back and forth between wanting our political system to improve and wanting it to just be started over. Either path involves huge change, which is frightening to consider. Maybe more frightening not to, though...

Anonymous said...

Yep. I voted for Ron Paul in the last presidential election knowing full well that he wasn't going to win. I needed to make the point. He wasn't on the CT ballot, but I wrote him in. The machine spit my ballot back out, had to be pushed in again. All my friends laughed at me for throwing my vote away -- 122 people out of thousands in my town also voted for "other," so that means 122 people in my town are awake. The hardest part of voting that day was explaining to my kid on the drive home why I was crying.

Anonymous said...

I only slightly disagree. You would have to be blind to not be aware that a large segment of the left are hell bent to destroy our country. They are trying to replace the constitution with activist judge rule. They are deeply in bed with communist and socialist. They do not believe in freedoms and justice but prefer stealing and doling out the money to their friends. While the right is far from perfect (an understatement I admit) they are our only hope. We will not win against the organized and extensive cabal of the left with a fractured unorganized opposition. I am 67 and I truely believe I will see the end of our constitutional republic in my lifetime. I expect Obama to win in 2012 and it will be because of extensive voter fraud by unions, massive foriegn money and meddling and a fractured opposition where a vanilla Republican is opposed by a far right "independent" splitting the vote as Ross Perot did in 1992. The primary difference between 1992 and today is that by comparison to Obama Clinton was a moderate.
Our media is failing in their job. Obama's administration is no doubt guilty of criminal and anti-American activities the likes of which we have never seen before and our media distracts us with Weiners. Years from now when the facts come out we will be astounded with what he has done to us.