Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Compromise is Over-rated

Great audio from Peter Schiff's radio show regarding Obama's speech and the mess in Washington:

Compromise is not what we need.
We need to do what it takes to fix the problems Washington created.

Not happy with the proposed raising of the debt ceiling by Republicans in exchange for 10 years of spread out spending cuts which won't amount to much? or the creation of a "Super Congress" committee? Call John Boehner 202-225-6205 and then your congressman. Lets call together today - on July 27 - for maximum effect. Boehner's Ohio number 513-779-5400

White House comments line (202-456-1111) and switchboard line (202-456-1414)

Tell them -
No compromises!
No deals!!!!
No Tax increases!
No debt ceiling increases!
No special "select committees" (Super Congress)!!
Cut spending and balance the budget!

"They key number is 7. Seven trillion in new debt over ten years (at least). And only 7 billion in reduced spending in year 1. $1000 in guaranteed debt for every $1 in spending cuts, with no end in sight. The plan never balances, ever. For these reasons and many more I strongly oppose the Boehner Debt plan and urge House Republicans to do the same." - Sen. Rand Paul

Schiff is right again.
We have already compromised ourselves into a fiscal disaster.
No more compromises!