Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lemonade For Freedom Day!

When one lives in a "Nanny State", one must continually ask for permission to do things.

I read an article pointing out how "unfree" we really are.
It got me annoyed and it got me thinking.

Honestly, when we have the government shutting down lemonade stands then we really have a problem. This kind of government intrusive lunacy is happening all over the country.

Can you believe that three little girls in Midway, Georgia decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise a little money so that they could go to a waterpark, and when they did, the police came by and shut them down! Oh yes, because "the law" requires that anyone selling anything to eat or drink in their town needs to obtain a "business license" which would have cost those little girls $50 a day! No kid can make that kind of money selling lemonade or cookies - so effectively that is an activity that is now banned for kids.

Citing "health and safety" concerns, the police chief in Midway was serious when he said:
'We were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, or what the lemonade was made with"
Egads... this is really an example of the nanny state on steroids.

Kids can't sell lemonade anymore! just like the Amish or natural food stores can't sell raw milk!

In America there is no longer the freedom to grow or bake food, or make something to drink, and sell it to our neighbors! and this kind of government control is taking hold in many communities.

The sad reality is that if you want to do almost anything you must get the permission of the government to do it first. And usually you have to pay a fee for that permission.

You can't open a business, drive a car, get married, have a pet or livestock, fix your porch, go fishing, or do a ton of other things without government permission. The rules and regulations set upon us by government entities is relentless.

I say - as a protest and a lesson to our children in civil disobedience - we should choose a Saturday - Like August 20 - and call it Lemonade for Freedom Day - and every child in America should have a lemonade stand!

Every liberty loving adult should stop at these lemonade stands and support Freedom!

Let's DO IT!
It's up to all of us to take this thing viral!

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