Friday, July 15, 2011

North Dakota May Not Be A State

That's pretty interesting.

82-year-old John Rolczynski found an error in North Dakota's founding document which technically makes North Dakota not a state in the union... it may technically be a territory - like Puerto Rico.

Here's the story: Back in 1889, North Dakota was carved out of the Dakota Territory and admitted to the Union at the same time as South Dakota. Or so everyone thought.

But the state founders who drafted the constitution left out the key requirement that the governor and other top officials take an oath of office, putting the state constitution in conflict with the federal one. So Rolczynski has been arguing for the last 16 years that the omission made the state illegitimate.

State Senator Tim Mathern recently introduced a bill to fix the mistake - and as a result, voters in North Dakota will have to vote on the new wording to their state constitution this spring.
Imagine if they decide not to accept the wording and in essence remain a territory.
One wonders if the people of North Dakota will not have to pay federal taxes, and if they will get a refund for the taxes they have paid. (wink)
Their Congressmen and Senators will have to leave Washington!
They can be their own country!
Issue their own passports and coin their own money!
Automatic secession!
Comments on the Yahoo article were amusing, to say the least.

And apparently Mr. Rolczynski also found another error - this time it has to do with the state border not being correct. Now that should be an interesting issue to follow.

How many other people will be closely reading their state constitution now?
Here is Connecticut's.