Friday, July 1, 2011

Why I Will Be Wearing Black On The Fourth of July

No Red, White and Blue for me this year.
I am in mourning.

It's not that I am not patriotic.
Quite the opposite.

I will be wearing black this 4th of July - to mourn the loss of our freedoms and the trampling of our Constitution by Washington. If you think everything is hunky dory in America, wear Red White and Blue on Independence Day and celebrate the illusion of the freedoms Americans pretend to enjoy. If you want to do something about getting those freedoms back, wear black instead and tell people why.

I will tell you why:
-We've lost our 4th amendment rights.

-SWAT Teams can kick down your door and shoot you dead.

-Our president takes orders from NATO and the UN; Not Congress.

-There is no such thing as Posse Comitatus anymore, and our military is now acting as policing forces in our own country.

-TSA/Our government is groping little old ladies and children at airports, and desensitizing the population to this kind of humiliating treatment in the the name of "security".

-Our government freely listens in on our telephone conversations and reads our mail, checking our credit card statements and phone bills.

-We are being mandated to buy healthcare being told what kind of lightbulbs to use.

-One seventh of our nation is on foodstamps and our leader and his family fly all over the world to vacation and have a good time as we serfs foot the bill.

-Our President acts like a dictator with his executive orders and Congressional "end arounds".

-Every single day there is another Constitutional abuse coming out of Washington, with no care or rebuke. The oath of office means nothing to too many.

How can I possibly wear Red, White and Blue when our Republic is dying? and when our Congress does not have the backbone to end this madness?

It is time to redouble our efforts to take back our beloved Republic.

... and by the way, if you live in CT you will subjected to 77 tax increases as of today!