Wednesday, August 10, 2011

California Gun Rights Assault

Yet another anti-gun legislator who is more than happy to remove/infringe upon your Constitutional rights and further empower a police state where people in power have weapons and you have none. I am especially disgusted with the people in power who say things like, "WE DON"T CARE what the law is, YOU CAN"T DO THAT" - the arrogance is overwhelming.

That is the first thing tyrants do to subdue a population: take away their means to protect themselves. Our Founders knew this full well - which is one reason why they put the 2nd amendment in place.

If Portantino is uncomfortable with people carrying guns then he should talk that over with his therapist. By making more strict gun laws he is just enabling criminals, who by definition do not follow the laws. Statists like Portantino want a helpless and defenseless population - that's what makes him "comfortable".

Someone needs to tell this Barney Frank look-alike that The Supreme Court has ruled that the police are under NO obligation to protect anyone.

One commenter on this video stated something pretty interesting: Clearly Portantino doesn't know his own state's laws.
California Government Code, § 845: “neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to establish a police department or otherwise provide police protection service.”

Neither police nor their employers are legally obligated to protect. But if that wasn't clear enough...

Souza v. City of Antioch, 62 California Reporter, 2d 909, 916 (Cal. App. 1997): “police officers have no affirmative statutory duty to do anything.”

That being said - people should have every right to open carry - or conceal carry - for their own protection. But more than that - the Constitution protects that right.

The Constitution IS your gun permit!