Monday, August 8, 2011

The Cost Of Credit Rating Downgrade

Looks like our Congressional leaders and our President screwed us over very well.

Did they really think we would keep an AAA credit rating by raising our debt limit and spending more?

But it was never really about the debt ceiling or our credit rating ... it was most likely about getting a "Super Congress" in place and advancing our nation towards a global currency and global governance.

... rest assured this will not help our "recovery" in the least - in fact we are now going to be much worse off.


Anonymous said...

The objective was to raise the debt limit and increase taxes. Then when the inevitable SHTF to blame the tea party. Everything is on schedule. What, you say no tax increase? The debt/deficit is a tax increase that no one needs to vote on. It has already happened you will be notified in the future how much.

Anonymous said...

We have been had big-time, consider the following. obama got an increase in the debt so he can now spend two trillion more in his re-election effort, no reductions of spending, a stupid oops super committee that will never agree on anything so he has the tie-breaking vote and a one trillion dollar tax increase on 12-31-12.