Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy Bat Ban!

It's human nature to want to defend yourself against bodily injury.
This past week Britain has seen riots and looting and criminal activity (and in some US cities so have we!).
The police cannot be everywhere, and the Brits - who have been summarily disarmed as a result of gun bans, are now opting to protect themselves with metal versions of Louisville Sluggers. Sales on Ebay rose 6000% in a 24 hour period!

However, the government will not tolerate people defending themselves from criminals... now they have not only gun control - but baseball bat control!
The Guardian reported the following: “Amazon has removed several police-style telescopic truncheons from sale on its site as soaring sales of truncheons, baseball bats and other items that could be used as weapons sparked fears of vigilantism in the wake of widespread rioting.”

So now, law-abiding citizens are even more defenseless. They can’t even order a baseball bat on line to protect themselves from roaming thugs. Maybe it’s time they whittle down their cricket bats. Paul Joseph Watson writes: “Just like gun control, banning baseball bats only disarms the public and creates victims. Criminals will always be able to acquire weapons of any description because they do not obey laws. Leaving Brits defenseless will only embolden the rioting hordes.”

Apparently - The British state wishes to have a complete monopoly of force... however there is one thing they don't seem to completely understand - and that is that gun-toting, knife-wielding looters and criminals don’t give a whit about the laws or about the people they are robbing and attacking. What is left are innocent victims who have no way to protect themselves except by calling the police - who obviously cannot be in all places at once.
“In reality, the English approach has not reduced violent crime. Instead it has left law-abiding citizens at the mercy of criminals who are confident that their victims have neither the means nor the legal right to resist them.
The RIGHT to defend oneself and one's family is fundamental.
It is immoral for the State to take that right away.
It does nothing to deter crime and empowers criminals.
My guess is that people will do whatever it takes to protect themselves - and if they can't get a bat they will surely find something else... and the reality is that the State cannot ban everything that can be used as a weapon for self defense.

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