Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness

Hartford, Conn. - The eyewall of Irene will pass nearby Sunday evening. There is an elevated risk of flooding rain (5 to 10 inches) and damaging winds. Hurricane-force (90 mph) wind gusts are in store that can lead to widespread downed trees and power outages. Sustained hurricane-force winds and serious storm surge flooding averaging 2 to 4 feet, and locally higher, are expected along the Connecticut coast.

Here is some hurricane preparedness ideas from Survival Blog:
4-to-5-Days Out
1) Grocery store – last minute items and surprisingly perishable items such as fruits and vegetables that do not need refrigeration are purchased. The event may be short term and this will allow for one to two weeks of fresh fruits and vegetables before the need to move to dry and canned food.
2) Mail all bills due in the next 30 days if possible.
3) Start freezing water in 2 liter soda bottles. This will help freezers and refrigerators stay cool longer when the power goes out.
4) Have family or group meeting and discuss preparedness plans to include responsibilities for final preparations and survival responsibilities immediately after the event and contingency plans for when things go wrong.
5) Start consuming primarily refrigerated perishable food.
6) Assuming the garbage trucks are still running; make sure all trash is removed.
7) Any member of your family or group who has to work will need to place a survival pack in their vehicle, that should include 3 to 7 days of food and water and one or two Jerry can(s) of fuel if possible. If possible, preposition short term emergency supplies at the place of employment.

48 Hours Out
1) Impact shutters are installed, leaving one or two off on the back side of the house to allow natural light in. When shutters go up it gets dark and gloomy fast. The last few shutters can be installed right before the storm hits.
2) Loose objects outside of the home are secured or moved inside.
3) Rain gutters and downspouts are cleaned out.
4) Charge any remaining batteries and radios.
5) Data from computers is backed up and securely stored.
6) Paper records are secured.
7) Important personal items, such as family photos are secured.
8) Persons doing prep work in the immediate vicinity of the home should have a two way radio with them at all times, with someone in the home monitoring the radio. This is especially important for those living in rural areas with large amounts of property and when working a fair distance from the home.
9) One person at all times should be monitoring Radio, Internet and television news. Continue to monitoring these sources while available.

10 to 24 Hours Out
1) Any items still outside the home are secured.
2) Remaining storm shutters are installed.
3) Vehicles are moved to the garage or a secure location. Depending on the situation and location this step may be done sooner in the process.
4) Internal alternative light sources are made ready and strategically placed.
5) Food stores and water for the next 24-72 hours are made ready. Some perishable food for immediate use can be moved to coolers, which if properly packed and insulated will stay cool for two days. A layer of dry ice on the bottom of a cooler separated by a dish towel can keep items frozen for up to 4 days in the proper cooler)
6) Turn freezer refrigerator temps down). Get them as cold as possible without freezing the coils.
7) Turn air-conditioning down and get the house cool before the power goes out.
8) Entertainment such as games, books are located and made ready.
9) Charge laptops and cell phones.
10) Wash all dishes by hand.
11) Any remaining laundry is done (earlier in the 24-hours before landfall and well before the likelihood of power failures).
12) Depending on the water situation, sinks, bath tubs and containers should be filled with water and treated appropriately.
13) Move some frozen bottles to the refrigerator.
14) Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed (once the power goes out, It may be 12 hours or more before the generator can fired up).

Stay Safe Everyone!