Thursday, August 4, 2011

More On The Super Congress

Super Congress = Council of 12 = TREASON.

We also can see another reason as to why this committee was formed and why certain members of Congress voted for it. It is the overall abdication of responsibility! It will be used so that these members of Congress will not be held to account for their votes when they later face their constituents. They can claim that they were "forced" to vote up or down and they will be able to say, "I didn't like it, but I had to vote for the overall package of legislation... I had no choice... I couldn't amend it and it was better than allowing certain triggers to take effect". It is complete abdication of the responsibility of representing us in Washington... and we truly now have taxation without representation.

"If Congressmen Paul were to file a complaint with a federal judge saying this legislation has demoted me. It has created more power in the hands of some members of Congress and less in others, and I am in that other group. That is an argument worth making. Will the courts accept that argument? You know the courts don't like to get involved in the inner workings of Congress but this is clearly
not consistent with the plain language of the Constitution or with Congress's history of the exercise of its spending powers under the Constitution." - Judge Andrew Napolitano
From Grassroots in Nebraska regarding the Super Congress:
Summary of unconstitutional provisions:
  • Takes fundamental powers away from sitting members of Congress to appropriate funds and set taxation levels
  • Disenfranchises members of Congress and therefore, the constituents who elected them as their representatives in federal government
  • Conglomerates legislative power into hands of just 12 members
  • Binds their own hands and the hands of future members
  • Upsets the necessary balance and separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches – look for a separate article tomorrow on this subject which was actually written weeks ago

Further potential unconstitutional provisions not mentioned by the Judge:

  • Upsets Constitutional provision for the House of Representatives to originate all revenue (tax) bills and attendant historical practice regarding spending bills
  • Disenfranchises voters in the 2010 election, which elected a majority of Republicans by setting membership on the select committee at equal levels for both parties

This should be challenged.
I truly hope someone in Congress challenges this unconstitutional Committee and its creation.
I truly hope that Americans will see that this goes against all of how the legislative branch is supposed to work.

If your Congressional representative is not on this Super Congress Committee then you ought to be screaming bloody hell to your Congressman that s/he has lost the power to fully represent you by not being allowed to debate or amend anything coming out of this Super Congress Committee. Just being able to vote "Yay or Nay" on whatever the Super Congress spews out is NOT ENOUGH!

And if your Congressional representative voted for this bill - ask them why they abdicated their responsibility and put such an unconstitutional body in charge... then vote them out of office.

How did YOUR Congress critters vote on this piece of legislation?

Larson - NO
DeLauro - NO
Murphy - NO
Himes - YES
Courtney - YES

Lieberman - YES
Blumenthal - YES