Wednesday, August 3, 2011

US Politburo Plans To Bar Fiscal Conservatives

And so it begins...."Dictatorship Light" - the Unconstitutional "Super Congress" has "reserved membership" and will not include any of the Senators or Representatives who voted against the debt deal.

According to the Weekly Standard, you can certainly bet that people like Mike Lee and Rand Paul; Jim DeMint, the aggressive fiscal hawk from South Carolina; conservative reformers Ron Johnson from Wisconsin and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania; the ranking member on the Senate Budget Committee, Jeff Sessions; and Florida’s Marco Rubio, will not be asked to serve on this "Committee".

Sen. Mitch McConnell will be making the selections of who will and will not be on this "Committee".

Of course you can bet that this small group of 12 will probably decide many of the details of federal government's budget for the next ten years, and a place on this "Committee" will become a coveted post, and a weapon to use by Congressional leadership to persuade key legislators to vote they way leadership wants them to vote. (Contest opportunity! - Let's see who will kiss McConnell's posterior the most!)

This "Committee" will meet behind closed doors (part of the Obama transparency policy) and once they come up with a debt reduction plan (supposedly before Nov 23rd) that seven members agree to, it will go to both chambers and can pass with just a simple majority. No filibustering, and no amending allowed... so the rest of the Congressional body must take it as delivered. They have changed the rules. You can bet their plan will include tax increases (despite Boehner and McConnell both saying it won't... but hey, they have lied before).
Excluding those who vote against the debt deal will ensure that some of the most fiscally conservative members of the Senate Republican caucus, including most of its freshmen, will be reading about the committee’s activities in the newspaper rather than guiding its decisions....
Of course a spokesman for Sen. McConnell (Don Stewart) says all senators will be considered. "No one is stronger in his opposition to tax hikes than Sen. McConnell. He will have serious discussions with all those who are interested in serving prior to making any appointments."

Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you in New York.

I have pretty much decided that this whole debt ceiling debacle/circus was not about our credit limit or our fiscal health - but instead to put a Super Congress in place... because just think of this
1) Our debt limit has increased considerably with this bill
2) No meaningful cuts have been made, and any promised ones are just fiction.
3) The dollar will continue to weaken as we print more money
4) Congressional leaders have grabbed for themselves more power - especially coercion power.

12 people and the president now control Congress and our government - and of course no Tea Party representation will be included. No doubt Rep. Boehner probably hatched this plan with Barry Soetero on the 13th hole.

Republicrats at play

Really - this is not good.