Thursday, August 11, 2011

While Rome Burns The Obamas Vacation

It is just incredible.
This "President" and his family will be yet again on a vacay - this time to Martha's Vineyard. (The FLOTUS just came back from a trip to Spain)

Then again, Barack needs the time off from all the golf he's been playing and his big birthday bash/fundraiser at the White House right after the hideous debt deal was consummated. (Birthday bash details here and here)

While the markets tank, and millions are out of work, and millions more are on food stamps - the only thing this President seems to be concerned about is getting rested up for his campaign for re-election. (Heaven help us)

Doesn't it seem like this guy is just along for the ride and any cool SWAG he gets for being POTUS - including flight jackets with his name on them.

On the other hand - maybe more vacations are needed to keep this fraud out of Washington.

The end of his term just can't come fast enough.
I only pray the opposition puts up a candidate that is worthy of the office and who will Restore the Republic.