Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Stupid Anti-Gun Program

Yeah - this time it's a "buy back program"...
The guns being bought back from the streets weren’t 9 mm handguns or Glocks. Instead, they were Nerf guns or toy pistols.

And they weren’t being bought with cash. This time, the currency was pizza slices, notebooks and dress shirts.

The FATHERS group and Bona Pizza teamed up Monday for a buyback aimed at younger teens and preteens at the pizzeria at Bailey and Kensington avenues.

The idea was simple: Don’t let kids get used to firing weapons, even if they’re toys.

“It makes them too comfortable, holding that gun,” said Leonard Lane, president of Fathers Armed Together to Help, Educate, Restore and Save. “Then there’s no fear holding the real gun when they get older. We want to put that fear back into our children, teaching them what guns can do, how they affect their community.”

“A toy gun today, a real gun tomorrow,” said Charles Cina, owner of Bona Pizza. “That’s what we want to stop.”

So kids such as Tarence Callaham, 14, a Buffalo ninth-grader, brought in his green and orange Nerf gun. In return, Tarence got a piece of pepperoni pizza, a snazzy dress shirt and the chance to shoot some hoops in the pizzeria parking lot.

“I learned that you shouldn’t have guns and stuff,” Tarence said. “It gives kids an education not to play with bad things.”

Talk about irrational programs and brainwashing... this program just takes the cake... err... pizza.
They forgot to mention that guns are not bad things if only the police and government officials and criminals have them... and perhaps they should also teach these kids how to be good and willing defenseless victims.

You have to read the comments on the article ... at least there are still some Americans with brains who believe this is the most idiotic program going.

American Thinker also had some good comments about this anti-gun brainwashing program.

So.... when kids do not have super soakers or fake guns to play with and then run around pointing their fingers at one another to mimic a gun will these anti-gun morons seek to amputate the children's digits too in order to enforce "no gun play"?

Perhaps they'd like all the boys to just settle down with some barbie dolls...or sit and watch mindless drivel on TV... (yeah, then they'd complain about obese idiot American children).

The anti-gun morons figure that it is much better to teach our children not to be able to defend themselves or ever handle a firearm safely - that way they can be better managed by their overlords.