Thursday, September 1, 2011

California Babysitting Bill Spells Doom To Parents Date Night

Another idiot bill is circulating the chambers of the California legislature.

Assembly Bill 889
(authored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco) requires that for parents who hire babysitters over the age of 18 they will be expected to provide workers' compensation benefits, rest and meal breaks! The paid vacation time requirement was removed from the bill (how magnanimous!)

No joke!

Date night may soon become a thing of the past with this legislation.

So that college student, or senior citizen, looking for a few extra bucks for watching your child for a few hours on a Friday night - forget it.

The Statist Democrat majority is seeking these so-called "protections" for all “domestic employees,” including nannies, housekeepers and caregivers - over the age of 18 (unless they are a family member).
The bill has already passed the Assembly and is quickly moving through the Senate with blanket support from the Democrat members that control both houses of the Legislature – and without the support of a single Republican member. Assuming the bill will easily clear its last couple of legislative hurdles, AB 889 will soon be on its way to the Governor's desk.

Under AB 889, household “employers” (aka “parents”) who hire a babysitter on a Friday night will be legally obligated to pay at least minimum wage to any sitter over the age of 18 (unless it is a family member), provide a substitute caregiver every two hours to cover rest and meal breaks, in addition to workers' compensation coverage, overtime pay, and a meticulously calculated timecard/paycheck.

Failure to abide by any of these provisions may result in a legal cause of action against the employer including cumulative penalties, attorneys' fees, legal costs and expenses associated with hiring expert witnesses, an unprecedented measure of legal recourse provided no other class of workers – from agricultural laborers to garment manufacturers.

Of course these Statist Democrats do not understand that this will further hurt employment for people. The unreasonable costs placed in this legislation will of course discourage people from hiring housekeepers, nannies and babysitters and most likely increase the use of institutionalized care.

Maybe that's what they really want - more old people and children in institutionalized care.

Sigh - it's all so absurd.


Libertarian Advocate said...

Judy: Actually, this is a GREAT development in that adds a particularly stinky mess to the already steaming pile of kaka that is Democrat inspired "social justice" legislation. More of this may one day shatter the somnolence of California voters to the fact that they have elected the League of Economic Morons to govern them.

Then again, it is California, so that may never happen....

Judy Aron said...

Hmmm... I believe you may be right. The whole thing just might implode under its own weight.. and without an earthquake too.

Anonymous said...

Another laugher from the land of nuts and fruits is fitted sheets on beds in hotels/motels so maids won't trip on them when changing/making beds.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Another reason for productive people with children, or parents with babysitting teens to move out of the People's Republic of California.
And when it collapses because its most productive citizens DO want a night out now and then, they better not come crying to the rest of us.

Ralph M. Petersen-Always Right; Sometimes Wrong! said...

The problem with the People"s Republik of Kalifornia can be summarized in just four little words and they appear in the title of your blog.

It is the people of this state who vote for their lawmakers and willingly give them the power to subject us to their tyrannical control. Then the people whine, complain, and squeal like stuck pigs until the next election cycle where they repeat their same stupid voting habits. Kalifornians are crazy. I was born here and have lived here for 63 years. Now I can hardly wait to get out.