Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Linda McMahon Begins Her Harassment Of CT Voters

I got this mailer in the mail today - along with email in my inbox.
I didn't like "Linda" then, and I still don't like her now.
She still comes across as scripted and phony just like professional wrestling.

For all of her money ($50 million) she couldn't get us to love her in 2010.
She couldn't get us to vote for her.
It must have killed her a little bit inside.
She wants this soooo bad.
It's kind of disturbing actually.
It's like some sort of weird addiction.
I think Susan Bysiewicz has it too.

Like it or not - the 2012 election cycle is officially here.
I am not looking forward to the daily mailings, robocalls, and emails from "Linda".
Quite frankly, it borders on harassment.

Thank heavens I don't have TV so I don't have to watch the endless commercials which tell of her rags to riches story and pleads with us to believe that she is one of "the little people".

"Linda's" disdain for the Tea Party was palpable the last time I saw her speak to that group.
And I can't shake the feeling that if she is so willing to toss away her millions in such a nonchalant manner to buy a Senate seat, how will she spend our hard earned tax dollars in Washington?

Oh, I have met her.
She's a nice enough woman.
She says nice things and tries to "connect".
But you know she isn't in your league.
She also has an air of ruthlessness which is disconcerting... a "My way or the highway" kind of attitude, with a touch of arrogance underneath.

Now that she's had some time to evaluate why people didn't vote for her, it is certain that she will attempt to morph into who she thinks we want. She's a decent actress afterall.

However, I have found a much better candidate for US Senate.
One who has military experience, and one who truly is one of "the people".
I have met him too.
He is genuine.
He is a patriot.

That's all I need.
I care not that he lacks "Linda's" millions.
He should be our next Senator.

Brian K. Hill for Senate 2012!

(Want to bet "Linda" steals Brian K. Hill's talking points?)