Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mail Jimmy Hoffa Some Tea Bags! And File An FBI Complaint

Ok - Jimmy P. Hoffa - You asked for it!
You threw the gauntlet down and now you will be hearing from those nasty Hobbitses/Conservatives!

Declare War on Conservatives will you???
Call them Son's O'Bitches will you???

People supporting freedom and liberty and against unsustainable demands by elitist thug union bosses such as Hoffa will be sending him a little gift... or shall I say, many little gifts.

The fight has begun...
From now till January, Conservatives from all over the country will be sending Hoffa some TEA BAGS! and they will be TETLEY, SALADA, or RED ROSE... which are NON-UNION made!!!

The envelopes will have the words "UNION DUES" written in bold RED letters on them.

and they will be sent to:

General President James P. Hoffa
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
25 Louisiana Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001-2130

The fight has just begun.

By the way - where is all this "civility" that the Left was preaching?
Where is the outrage from those same Leftists over Hoffa's call to war?
and where is the White House's condemnation of such incivility?
Where is Obama's call to "tone down the rhetoric"?
What a bunch of hypocrites!

Oh... and by the way - the FBI has been served a complaint by Mr. Warren Gacsi... perhaps we should all file the same complaint!! (To file a complaint to the FBI you can mail it in, or post to their website at You can send your copy of this criminal complaint to the FBI and demand that your Congress compels the Department of Justice to file formal charges upon Hoffa, Obama, and Biden.

by Warren Gacsi on Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 7:04am



Jimmy Hoffa, in his address on September 4, 2011, Jimmy Hoffa instructed his union members to"take these son-of-a-bitches out" and declared war on the TEA Party.

Refer to his statements as said in this video: ( in Mr. Hoffa's own words), which I therefore submit as evidence to this complaint.

Such statements constitutes numerous acts of domestic terrorism under section 802 of the Patriot Act.

Given that Mr. Hoffa holds a position of power and influence in the Teamsters Union, and that the Teamsters have previously been active in inflicting acts of violence, I am therefore concluding that Mr. Hoffa has instructed his union members to inflict further violent acts.

I view Mr. Hoffa's statement to be one of CULPABLE harm.

Section 802 of the Patriot Act: DOMESTIC TERRORISM

5) the term `domestic terrorism' means activities that--

`(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

`(B) appear to be intended--

`(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

`(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or

`(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

`(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.'

I also interpret Mr. Hoffa's statements to be intended to instruct his union members to inflict physical harm and mayhem upon those who oppose the Teamster's agenda, and specifically to be inflicted upon those of the TEA Party or those who support the TEA Party.

Therefore, I am filing this criminal complaint upon Jimmy Hoffa. Furthermore, I also file this criminal complaint upon Joe Biden and also Barak Obama who have endorsed the statements of Jimmy Hoffa and request the FBI to file criminal charges upon those three individuals for violations of Section 802 of the Patriot Act.

I will be seeking a Federal Protection Order in Riverside, California District Federal Court, naming Jimmy Hoffa, Joe Biden, and Barak Obama as well as the entire Teamsters Union, and also seek an order from the court to (1) order the teamsters to not infiltrate or seek to disrupt TEA Party events, and to order that the above three named persons, and any member of the Teamsters to refrain from any activities within one thousand feet of my primary residence and place of business.

Warren Gacsi

Now, there's a Patriot!


Anonymous said...

Awesome idea.

Sean said...

Hi Judy,

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We would be honored if we could republish the "Consent of the Governed" blog rss feed in our Tea Party category. Our readers need to read what American patriots like you have to say.

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Thank you

CzechMerlin said...

Warren is on FB and other members on there are sending the complaint to their local FBI HQ. I have sent one myself and to all 3 of my reps.

Go ahead and pass it around. That is why Warren posted it.

Mrs. AL (Always Learning) said...

Question, if I may, who precisely has standing to file this complaint? Only asking b/c I have seen this on many, many blogs and want to understand who can file this complaint and actually get some action from such a filing.

I will be grateful to all/anyone who can fill me in.

Anonymous said...

From Warren Gacsi:

Hi Friends: Just some notes: The negative press on Hoffa and Obama have been a good thing.

Just for some background: I am age 55, Master's in Business and own two businesses.

I am not a member of any TEA Party. Some have said that I am. I can say that I support the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) agenda. Lower taxes, less government.

Also, as of Sep. 8, 2011, I have not filed suit, but that is yet to be done.*

*The publicity of Hoffa's words will hopefully bite him in some other ways. Maybe, by some far-reaching miracle, the DOJ will actually act on the complaint.

The first goal was to file the complaint with the FBI. The second goal was to get the message out there, and this has been very successful.

I truly hope that many others submit the Criminal Complaint to their congress and to the DOJ. Let's bring Hoffa to justice and close the door on Obama's chances for another term.

On the afternoon of 9/6/2011, I telephoned the Teamsters to ask if they had anything to say in their defense. Thus far, as of 9/8/2011, they have not returned my call.

Again, thank you, and please do find me on FaceBook under my own name.

-- Warren Gacsi

Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord. I know this ludicrous "complaint" is facetious and all, but I'm not sure everyone will appreciate the sarcasm of conservatives turning to the federal government to protect us from silly union rhetoric.

Look, I think Hoffa's an illiterate moron, too, but let's make reasonable arguments against him. It's pretty clear the "war" he's talking about is the one being fought and won legislatively and at the ballot box; presumably he intends his retaliation--"taking them out"--in the same manner. But who cares what he means. Let's just explain why our anti-union stance is justified and why it garners such popular support.

Really? Cry to the Feds??