Thursday, November 10, 2011

Texas Medical Board Is Attempting To Shut Down Ground Breaking Cancer Treatment

File under "No good deed goes unpunished".

What a shame that someone who can help, and has helped, cancer patients is being relentlessly attacked by the cancer establishment and the FDA. Seems they would just rather have people die.

And yet, this ground breaking gene targeted cancer therapy is the wave of the future. Isn't it immoral to have people die when that treatment is available now?

I hope that the Texas Medical Board reconsiders what appears to be a terrible and unwarranted persecution of a doctor who has done much to help people and who has pioneered cancer treatment by thinking out of the box.

OK - yeah - so there are people who claim this guy is a quack.
You can Google information about this guy (and anyone else for that matter) for yourself.
Bottomline - Some doctors are good and others aren't. Some doctors help some people and fail for others.
I am not particularly endorsing this guy other than to say that if he has helped some people and if he has pioneered some new medical techniques then that is a good thing.
The best thing for anyone seeking any type of treatment is to do your own research and homework.