Friday, December 23, 2011

The Muslimification Of The US Military and Sharia In The JROTC

What is the definition of a uniform?
It is a set of standard clothing worn by members of an organization while participating in that organization's activity.
There is a reason that uniforms are worn in the military.
It is part of military discipline.

When the government starts making exceptions to military discipline - especially requirements in clothing worn, you begin down the slippery slope into military chaos. To quote on e commenter on this article "Military disipline--proven over hundreds of years--is the corner stone of success. When you start allowing people to inject their own personal religious beliefs or culture into the system it falls apart. If they want to wear the costumes of their religion, then go back to the Middle East. What if Jews what to wear beards and costumes of their religion?? What if Chinese want to wear the costumes of their various beliefs? What if cowboys want to wear cowboy hats and chaps?"

Apparently the Jr ROTC is now allowing hijabs and turbans to be worn (perhaps in camo color too)!
The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has announced that the Department of Defense will now allow Muslim and Sikh students participating in Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) to wear headscarves and turbans while in uniform.

The decision, announced Thursday, followed an October incident in which Muslim teen Demin Zawity quit JROTC when her commanding officer at a Brentwood, Tenn. high school would not allow her to wear her hijab in the homecoming parade.

CAIR later wrote to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta requesting “constitutionally-protected religious accommodations for the girl and for future Muslim JROTC participants.”

In a letter to the Muslim organization sent on Panetta’s behalf, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Larry Stubblefield explained that based on the incident that led Zawity to quit JROTC, the Army will now be making more accommodations for religious headwear in the training program.

“Based on your concerns, the Army has reviewed its JROTC uniform policy and will develop appropriate procedures to provide Cadets the opportunity to request the wear of religious head dress, such as the turban and hijab,” Stubblefield wrote in the letter, made public by CAIR. “This change will allow Miss Zawity and other students the chance to fully participate in the JROTC program.”

Army spokesman George Wright confirmed Stubblefield’s letter to CAIR and explained to The Daily Caller that while JROTC is affiliated with the Army, it is not actually a part of the Army. The new procedures will provide JROTC with a exemption method more similar to current Army procedure mandated through the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

That law allows soldiers on active duty to apply for religious accommodation if they want to alter their uniforms in accordance with their religious beliefs. The exemptions are applied on a case-by-case basis. Soldiers who are transferred must reapply.
Makes me wonder why such practicing religious people are in the military to begin with.
Shouldn't they be against war and destruction and military activity in general?
and aren't these women following Sharia supposed to be forbidden from mixing the sexes and being away from home, and engaging in this type of activity?

Meanwhile - American service women in Afghanistan are encouraged to wear headscarves while out in public...

and another article about the Few - the Proud - the Hijabed.

What's next? allowing military personnel to wear sandals and beards? or maybe burkas in camo color!