Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ron Paul On Libya And The Debt Ceiling

Dictator Obama thinks that he can do whatever he wants without Congressional approval.

Ron Paul tells it like it is.

The arrogance from the White House is astounding.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking A Break

Consent Of The Governed is taking a much needed break from the blogosphere.

No worries though, we'll be back sometime next week... just in time to comment on more lunacy from Washington and other miscellaneous mayhem.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Play The New Game - Where In The World is Michelle Obama?

After lavish trips to Spain, England, Indonesia, Mexico......
Well, now Her Majesty, Queen Michelle, is trooping off to Africa.
She's taken the kids and her mother on a whirlwind tour of South Africa and Botswana!

This trip is supposedly focusing in on "young women leaders and the legacy of the anti-apartheid struggle." (eyeroll)
Honestly - the trip really is to visit anywhere she can on the taxpayers dime while Barry still holds office. Time is fleeting - so many places to visit, so little time before their reign is over.

I think the Obamas must hold the record for out of country travel (and playing golf and basketball).
So glad they are having so much fun while millions of Americans are out of work and struggling.
1/7 of Americans are on food stamps.
I hear the unemployment figures for African Americans is now 16%.
Depression-era levels. The most recent figures show African American joblessness at 16.2 percent. For black males, it's at 17.5 percent; And for black teens, it's nearly 41 percent.

(...and Michelle won't be sending any of them a postcard from her safari!)
How's that for "Hope and Change"?

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

For all of you fathers out there ..
Have a wonderful day.. you deserve it!

Take some time off and relax!
(The lawn and home repairs can wait till tomorrow!)

My dad, Leonard Theodore, passed away in 1997 at the age of 77 years.
He was a terrific dad and a wonderful person.
I miss him so very much.
He served in World War 2 in the Pacific, and then came home and did wonderful things in his community - like being a Boy Scout Master. He was always there to help a neighbor in need. He was hard working, honest and had a great sense of humor. He helped raise 3 children and he was always there when they got themselves into some sort of jam.
He was an avid bowler too - and made 2 perfect games in his bowling career.
One 300 game happened shortly before he died.
Dad was an inspiration to me and I will always hold him dear in my heart.
Happy Father's Day dad!

and here are a few father's day quotes:

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” -David O. McKay

"He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence Budington Kelland

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.” -Unknown

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Dark Intentions Of Public Schooling

Read the quotes - listen to what the "pillars" of American government education said.
And you wonder why our American education system is in shambles?

Today's government school agenda is all about globalism (under the guise of competing in the world), and learning to be submissive (under the guise of respecting authority) and being de-sensitized to constant surveillance (under the guise of protection and safety).

Parents have abrogated their duties to educate in deference to "the education professionals". Usually, when schools ask for parental "involvement" it is more about parental support for the school's agenda versus any real interest in what the parent says or prefers regarding their child's education.

Added to this is the unbelievable power of teachers unions and administrators.
Municipalities are going broke, and taxpayers are being pillaged to pay for the pensions and healthcare of educators in a system that produces children who cannot think or reason or calculate or spell or speak properly.

This is America's tragedy.

Part 1 of 5

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Constitution Lobby Of CT, Inc.

We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. has been established!
Other states will follow.
CT - The Constitution State - is the first.

* A permanent grassroots, non-partisan network of informed people committed to the personal duty of Citizen vigilance in the cause of seeing Constitutional Governance and accountability,at city/town,state and national levels,by raising the consciousness of our citizens beyond politics and parties, to those principles, prohibitions, restrictions and mandates of our Charters of Freedom - the Supreme Law of the Land.

* An institution that avoids all political discussion and doesn't rely on the electoral process to achieve accountability in government.

* An organization comprised of citizens throughout the state who have a communication system and are organized and financed in order to:

1. effectively and consistently monitor the official of public officials in their city/town, state and federal levels of government.
2. measure the actions of their public servants against the requirements of their city charters,state and federal Constitutions and laws and oaths of office.
3. in the event of a violation,serve a petition for redress of grievance and instructions of remedy, as protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution,upon all parties involved.
4. make the public aware of the violation and remedy and apply public pressure on the serving parties to reply and/or comply with the remedy.
5. in the event there is no response, take steps to enforce the Rights of the People that have been violated.

* We the People of Connecticut, the Constitution Lobby, seeks to ensure that the power of our system of governance is returned to the People and fulfill their obligation to keep the People free.

This is GREAT!
People from all across the State should join up and support this effort to monitor our State and Local governments and report infractions of our charters and of our Constitution.
Now we will have a place to go to make sure that something is done about violations to the Constitution and our Charters.
Now we will have a resource to help citizens make sure our elected officials obey their oath of office.

Be among the first to support this effort in CT!
Imagine a citizen vigilance Constitution Monitor in each of CT's 169 towns, one for the state legislature and one for US Congress, avoiding all political issues and questions, simply keeping watch and recognizing any violations of the local charters and/or laws, or of the state and federal Constitutions. Imagine those 171 Constitution Monitors respectfully bringing any violation to the attention of their elected officials and, if not getting a response, bringing the matter to the Constitution Lobby's Citizen vigilance Center located in Hartford (manned by Constitution lawyers, paralegals and clerks), who would then prepare a course of action - direct petition of redress to be served on the offending official, or indirect petition for redress to be filed in court.

Imagining 178,700 dues paying members of the Constitution Lobby, with full knowledge of their rights of remedy and petition guaranteed by the Connecticut Constitution, being kept informed of whether or not the officials respond.

Imagine the improvement in Constitutional governance once the elected or appointed officials realize a mass movement of People of Connecticut know what their rights are, are pro-actively watching what they, the officials, are doing, and are prepared to intelligently,rationally, professionally and non-violently engage in civic action should the officials first ignore the law and then ignore the People's petition for redress.

Imagine a permanent People's Lobby, in perpetuity, to guarantee a shift in power -
from government back to the People where it was meant to be in the first place.
Our republic will be restored and never again allowed to be in jeopardy.

The Constitution cannot lobby for itself!
We must defend it - and our State Constitution - and our Town Charters.
We need YOU to join and support The Constitution Lobby of CT, Inc. and to hold our elected officials feet to the fire.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

G. Edward Griffin On The Left-Right Paradigm

Left and Right marching us all to "high tech feudalism" and One World Governance.

Instead of Left and Right we should be talking about Freedom versus Tyranny.

We should be examining candidates and parties based on whether they support and defend the Constitution and our Rights versus those who wish to dismantle our sovereignty and usher in bigger more intrusive government and who wish to enslave us with more rules and regulations and taxation and collectivism.

The media makes these elections into sporting events ... two teams ... and you must root for one or the other.

Case in point... questions asked by CNN to Republican candidates for President included:
Coke or Pepsi?
Spicy or Mild?
Deep Dish or Thin Slice Pizza?
Leno or Conan?

It's nonsense!

It's clear they do not wish to actually talk about really important issues and waste time with populist twaddle meant to amuse the masses in the name of "getting to know the candidates".

With 9.1% unemployment and 1/7 of our population on food stamps, we are no longer amused!

Right - Left paradigm.... it keeps the country divided. It keeps us distracted from the real issues. It keeps us from making any real substantive changes.

Keep your eye out for it and don't be fooled.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Shocking Truth About Public Schools

Video produced from one who knows about what really goes on in public school - as he is a school aged person.

This young man has read John Taylor Gatto... among other writings.

There is hope if young people like him are beginning to wake up.

Monday, June 13, 2011


An email that I recently received informed me of the following :

Pretty soon the Renewable Fuels, Consumer Protection and Energy Efficient Act of 2007 will take effect, removing SAFE incandescent light bulbs from supermarket shelves, and replacing them with expensive light-emitting diodes (LEDs), toxic compact fluorescent (CFLs), and dangerous halogen bulbs.

However, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), has introduced the Better Use of Light Bulbs (BULB) Act (S. 395) that would REPEAL the law that phases out 100 watt and 75 watt incandescent light bulbs and ends production of traditional incandescent light bulbs in the United States by 2015.

Michele Bachmann is sponsoring a similar bill in the House (HR. 849) and there is another (HR.91)

Several countries have laws that phase out manufacturing of traditional incandescent lights from 2012 through 2014, with most prompting their replacement with toxic CFLs, or halogen bulbs that are a fire hazard!

LED's :

The Wall Street Journal reports that: LEDs remain the priciest option, with 9-watt and 13-watt bulbs that replace 40-watt and 60-watt incandescent models costing from $20 to $55 each. ... San Jose, Calif.-based Switch Bulb Co., says this fall it will offer an LED substitute for the 100-watter with suggested retail price of about $30.

A much cheaper alternative is halogen bulbs, but they come with safety risks because they are a FIRE HAZARD! According to The New York Times, a 300-watt halogen bulb can reach 970 degrees Fahrenheit, and 500-watt bulbs can reach 1,200 degrees.

Halogen lights:

According to Lance Turner of Renew Magazine, during an interview with THE AGE, less than 10 percent of the power of a halogen bulb is converted into light. The rest is turned into heat. That excess heat poses a significant fire risk when debris or insulation strays too close.

According to Pacific Gas and Electric, a halogen light bulb can heat up to 700 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. And any flammable material coming into contact with such heat can burst into flames in a matter of seconds. In research done by New York State Consumer Protection Board, it took 24 seconds for a T-shirt to ignite after coming into contact with a halogen light bulb. When you consider that paper ignites at 451 degrees and cloth at 640 degrees, it is easy to see why the halogen lamps pose a hazard (the best alternative to both halogen and CFL light is Tom Edison's 146-year old incandescent light bulb).

In 2008, The Age also reported that Melbourne had 57 halogen-related fires causing $17 million in damage in just 18 months. Those fires resulted in 10 deaths.

and Compact Flourescent Bulbs (CFB's - the curly bulbs):

Britain's Health Protection Agency was the first to confirm consumers' claims that exposure to CFLs was making them sick.

Consumers in the United States, Canada, England and Europe have been complaining about headaches, skin burns, rashes, and neurological problems caused by CFLs because they emit ultraviolet radiation and electrical and magnetic field emissions, or DIRTY ENERGY.

Health Canada tested the UV levels in CFLs and released a report stating that it was found that some people are extremely sensitive to UV and may be affected by the amount of UV produced. This includes people with autoimmune diseases, like Lupus, and those with sensitive skin.

British and Canadian health warnings also state that adults should never be closer than1 foot to a CFL-and that exposure should be limited to one hour.

CFLs contain carcinogenic toxins, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene.
Researcher Peter Braun, who carried out tests on CFLs at the independent Berlin Alab Laboratory, said: For such carcinogenic substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the human environment, the UK Express reports. Braun added that the bulbs are especially harmful if they are left on near a child's head, or if they are used in close proximity to adults who use the light for reading.

While it was known that harmful amounts of mercury are released if one of the new 'green' bulbs breaks, experts discovered they also emit several carcinogenic chemicals. The EPA itself has issued new warnings about mercury, yet is mute on the use of toxic mercury in CFLs.

The carcinogenic toxin phenol is a poison that was used by the Nazis to kill concentration camp victims-and naphthalene and styrene are released as a form of steam when the CFL is switched on.

Last year, the Canadian Broadcasting Network reported that a Trent University study revealed that DIRTY ELECTRICITY produced by CFLs can cause diabetics' blood sugar levels to increase, heighten neurological symptoms for people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and cause breathing problems for asthmatics.

CFLs, a fluorescent light bulb invention that was once believed to be an energy and environmental solution to America's problems, is quickly becoming a more expensive and dangerous alternative. CFLs produce high levels of electromagnetic pollution, producing electromagnetic frequencies between 400 and 800, whereas safe incandescent bulbs emit EMF levels of less than 50. CFLs can cause headaches and eye strain, and can hinder productivity for those who are dyslexic or suffer from attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD).

According to The Mercury News, "CFLs account for a quarter of new bulb sales and each contains up-to five milligrams of mercury, a potent neurotoxin that's on the worst-offending list of environmental contaminants."

The Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers reports that: "Demand for the bulbs is growing as federal and state mandates for energy-efficient lighting takes effect, yet only about two percent of residential consumers and one-third of businesses recycle them. If the recycling rate remains as abysmally low as it is, then there will certainly be more mercury released into the environment," said Paul Abernathy, executive director of the Napa-based recycling association.

Consumers should have the right to purchase any light bulb they want, be it traditional incandescent, CFLs, LEDs or halogen bulbs.

Americans cannot afford any other alternative, especially since scientific research is revealing that CFLs are toxic and harmful and easy to break; halogen bulbs that can cause fires! and LED's are way too expensive.

We are being asked to contact our legislators in Congress and ask that they support Sen. Enzi's BULB Act (S. 395) and its companion bill in the House, H.R. 91.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Man Sues Federal Reserve

Citizen Sues Atlanta Fed based on the allegation that the Fed is issuing Federal Reserve Notes that it has no intention of redeeming, which amounts to counterfeiting! The Plaintiff asks that the Atlanta Fed's charter be forfeited!

In his complaint, Scott Beach points out that United States Code Title 12 Chapter 3 Section 341 provides that "Federal Reserve Banks can be sued" (item Fourth), and can that they can "Forfeit [their] franchise for violation of law" (item Second).

The complaint by Mr. Beach alleges that all of the Federal Reserve Banks (including Atlanta) stopped allowing Federal Reserve Notes to be redeemed in the early 2000's and that - because United States Code Title 12 Chapter 3 Section 411 requires the notes to be redeemable - continuing to issue notes without allowing redemption amounts to counterfeiting.

Mr. Beach therefore is asking that the Atlanta Fed's charter be forfeited based on the laws which it is not adhering to.

See the actual filing here

This will be interesting to watch.

The whole of Title 12 Chapter 3 could be an interesting read as well!
Summer reading anyone?

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Home Raided By SWAT Team

Nevermind the victim telling everyone "to keep current on their loan payments"... he should be ripping mad that this happened at all! Loan default or no default.

Every day now we are hearing stories of people being terrorized by SWAT teams.
This time the Department of Education allegedly sent a SWAT team to look for a woman who defaulted on a student loan... and look at how they used incredible force to do this.

It took this SWAT Team 6 hours to figure out that the woman they were looking for was not there... and in the interim they handcuffed an innocent man and terrorized his kids. These SWAT Teams point DEADLY weapons at innocent people... and this time it is over a defaulted loan? REALLY????

Can you imagine that we the tax payers are being summarily looted to bail out Wall Street bankers, and other friends of Barry Soetero, and now people who cannot pay their debt are being terrorized by their own government!

Pile that on top of Big Sis telling everyone to spy on their neighbors ("See something... Say something") and everyone including babies and old people being groped at airports (and soon train stations and bus terminals) and you have to wonder what the heck kind of country this has degenerated into.

Our 4th amendment rights have been ripped away from us ...
and can you see now why our Founders thought that right to be important?

The militarization of our peace officers must end.
We cannot allow these abuses to continue.

By the way ... A similar event happened on Valentine's Day here in CT.

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail; its roof may shake; the wind may blow through it; the storm may enter; the rain may enter; but the King of England cannot enter – all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement! - William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, on the occasion of a debate in Parliament

Related Video:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rabbi Bendory Writes To "Queen of Gun Control" Sarah Brady

JPFO's Rabbinic Director, Rabbi Dovid Bendory, has a few choice comments for the Queen of "gun control" - and it's about time someone told her point blank about her, and her organization's, utter hypocrisy in supporting an agency that put dangerous guns into the hands of Mexican criminals (among other things).

Dear Mrs Brady:

I well remember learning of the tragic shooting of your husband by lunatic “lone gunman” John Hinckley in 1981. As a rabbi, I have deep sympathy for any family who suffers what you have suffered, and I have tremendous respect for anyone who transforms the sorrow of personal tragedy into an impetus to do good in the world. I have no doubt that this is what you set out to do when you first established the Brady Center.

I am therefore writing to ask that you help the family of a U.S. Border Patrol agent who was killed in the line of duty, murdered by criminals with guns provided to them by one of the worst rings of gun smugglers in recent memory. According to CBS News, over the past five years or so, this smuggling ring purchased more than 2500 guns via “straw purchases” near the Mexican border – with knowledge and intention that these guns would wind up in the hand of murderous drug cartels south of the border. And yet the Obama Justice Department has stonewalled on investigating this smuggling ring, even refusing to answer Congressional inquiries into the matter.

There have been an unknown number of lives lost to such senseless violence. Why do I ask specifically that you help this family rather than any of the others impacted?

I ask that you contact this family out of concern that the Brady Center has completely lost its moral compass – if it ever had one.

During the last few years, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence has shamelessly coddled up to what is perhaps the most corrupt and unlawful rogue Federal agency in this nation’s recent history. I refer of course to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE), an agency for whom you have lobbied for substantial budget increases. Let me refresh your memory regarding this brilliant gem of federal “law enforcement” and its recent “Project Gunrunner.”

BATFE deployed some 220 agents (not counting inspectors and support personnel) to our Mexican border to stem the smuggling of guns to the Mexican “Drug Cartels”. BATFE’s clever technique? Work with legal gun shops near the border to allow (not intercept) “straw sales” to known gun smugglers – some 2500 or more such sales, according to CBS News.

When responsible gun dealers balked at selling weapons, including AK-47s and .50 caliber sniper rifles, to suspicious people, they were told by BATFE agents to go through with the sales. BATFE then let the guns “walk” from the stores and purchasers across the border into Mexico, supposedly in an effort to track the gun traffickers and shut them down.

There was just one minor problem with this clever little operation: the BATFE lost track of the guns. The guns then made their way into the hands of Mexican criminals and murderers. At least two of these guns were found at the scene of a shootout in which US border agent Brian Terry was killed – guns smuggled to the Mexican drug cartels by the BATFE’s operatives and with the BATFE’s blessings.

Mrs. Brady, your stated goal at the Brady Center is that we have to keep guns out of the hands of people who would commit such crimes. From your website:

“We believe it is too easy for dangerous people to obtain dangerous weapons in this country. There are things we can do. We should make it harder for convicted felons, the dangerously mentally ill, and others like them to get guns in the first place.

We can do this by exposing corrupt gun dealers who feed the illegal gun market. Our Brady Center legal staff works to hold those dealers accountable in court and to protect common sense gun laws when they are attacked in court. We work to strengthen law enforcement’s efforts to stop the illegal gun market. We also educate the public about gun violence through grassroots mobilization and outreach to affected communities.”

Since you have not officially come out against the blatant illegality and immorality of BATFE’s “Project Gunrunner”, I can’t help but wonder: what do these clich├ęd homilies, in reality, mean to you?

Lest the world recognize – as I have – that you are drenched in hypocrisy, I suggest some prompt and serious directional changes in your public policy regarding the BATFE:

* The Brady Center says it is “too easy for dangerous people to obtain dangerous weapons.” So therefore I expect that the Brady Center will condemn the BATFE for their foolish (and no doubt unlawful) Gunrunner operation – which has, under color of law, clearly enabled Mexican drug smugglers and murderers access to thousands of weapons. Agreed?

* The Brady Center aims to “expose corrupt gun dealers who feed the illegal gun market.” I assume the BATFE Gunrunner program itself qualifies as a “corrupt” means of “feeding the illegal gun market” and that we’ll hear the Brady Center’s condemnation of BATFE imminently?

* Finally, the Brady Center can be expected to “educate the public” about the outrageous behavior of BATFE and to “hold [them] accountable in court.” How soon will you be pressing for criminal investigations into BATFE?

BATFE now stands under an unblinking spotlight, revealed in all their authoritarian arrogance. Mrs. Brady, can you sleep at night knowing that your support for this utterly corrupt federal agency has created an illegal supply of guns into Mexico that is being used to murder the innocent and attack our U.S. border control personnel? Or are you so blinded by your anti-gun campaign that you can’t understand that have lost your moral compass?

Unfortunately, Mrs. Brady, none of us realistically expect you and your people to ever do the right thing regarding the lie you call “gun control”. For three decades you have amply demonstrated that what you want is not about guns, but control. You want to control the lives of the millions of innocent, law-abiding gun owners who defy your foolish calls for self-imposed victim disarmament. You want to control those who recognize that your “gun-free zones” are in fact “disarmed victims here, criminals welcome” zones. You want to control those who uphold the G-d-given right to self-defense using the best modern defensive tool at our disposal, the handgun. The tactics of the Brady Center may be soaked in sentimentality and theatrical empathy, but its “gun control” strategies actually mimic the ruthless disarmament tactics of the Lenins, Stalins, Hitlers, Maos and Pol Pots of this world.

“Gun control” is a horrific lie. Will you continue the lie? Or will we see you do the right thing and apply your supposed policies to the BATFE?


Rabbi Dovid Bendory
Rabbinic Director
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

"Gun Control" allows criminals to have guns and everyone else to be unarmed victims.
Who honestly can support that?

It is obvious that The Brady Center is more about CONTROL than it is about so-called "Gun Control". Hypocrites.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

US Department Of Education Sued

Another interesting tidbit on this unconstitutional entity.
Along with dictating education standards - something it is illegal to do in the first place - the US Department of Education is allegedly in bed with some hedge fund managers and allegedly doing some very very shady things...

First let's look at the US Department of Education's involvement with the Gainful Employment Rule, as Inside Higher Education reports:

Last July, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) proposed its “Gainful Employment Rule,” which seeks to establish complex measures for determining whether education programs at proprietary postsecondary education institutions (and vocational programs at nonprofit colleges) lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Under the proposed rule, a program’s eligibility for federal student financial aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Act would be based on meeting certain metrics related to student loan debt. ED recently sent a revised version of this regulation to the Office of Management and Budget, the agency in charge of reviewing regulations before they are made final. The revised rule could be out any day.

So now, the Department of Education is going to decide whether a college can get student loan funding based on whether or not its curriculum will lead to "gainful employment in a recognized occupation"!

This is what happens when student loan funding is under the total control of the Department of Education. Through the purse strings they will now determine college course and degree directions.

I say these colleges should tell the government to pound sand and reject government student funding all together. It's the only way to keep their autonomy.

But I digress... the real story is about to unfold....

Of course there has been much opposition to this Gainful Employment Rule because of the extra accounting it creates and the privacy issue of students’ records which are supposed to be handed over to the US Department of Education and any other government agency that wants them. It will of course hurt many educational institutions. This is government over-reach and power grab at its worst... but wait there's more.....

The Hill reported:

Against all logic and growing opposition from both sides of the political spectrum, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) seems poised and determined to proceed with the new Gainful Employment regulations, which would serve as a guidepost for their issuance of federal student loans for private sector colleges. The proposed Gainful Employment regulations would require that career education providers and programs provide students for “gainful employment” in recognized occupations.

To determine if these programs are eligible, ED wants to tie its federal loans to students’ debt-to-income ratio as well as the repayment rates of the for-profit institution. While there has been much debate over the origin of this proposal, its impact could not be more clear: for-profit colleges would suffer and, more significantly, low-income and minority college enrollment would drop precipitously…

…But the real answer may be more simple. After reviewing the correspondence between ED officials and parties with a financial interest in increased regulations of for-profit colleges, Sen. Mike Enzi asked for the U.S. Attorney in New York to investigate. Already, the Department of Education’s Inspector General is looking into conflict of interest charges. Slowly, yet ever so clearly, a cloud is forming around the motives of those crafting the gainful employment rules and short sellers who stand to profit if private-sector education stocks tumble. [Emphasis added.]

Ok - let's see where these regulations came from and why this is happening in the first place. Let's put the puzzle pieces together and follow the money... because there's lots of money to be followed... especially in education.

The Department of Education apparently had some help crafting this regulation... and it allegedly came from hedgefund manager Steve Eisman (manager with FrontPoint Partners)

Dealbook states:

“once a multibillion-dollar hedge fund before it was battered by allegations of insider trading,...“During the financial crisis, the hedge fund was lauded for the insight of one of its most colorful managers, Steve Eisman, who had placed a bet against the subprime mortgage market that earned him hundreds of millions…”

How interesting it is that Steve Eisman is now warning of the same kind of "short situation" (see illustration below) happening in higher education (even while FrontPoint is closing down operations). In Eisman’s latest speech titled, “Subprime Goes to College” Eisman says this:

“Until recently, I thought that there would never again be an opportunity to be involved with an industry as socially destructive and morally bankrupt as the subprime mortgage industry. I was wrong, The for-profit education industry has proven equal to the task.”

An article dated May 31, 2011 and titled “Education Department Rules on For-Profit Schools Created With Investor’s Help.” states that Steve Eisman (who gave a speech to help save us from the social destruction and morally bankruptcy of for-profit and vocational colleges) allegedly helped craft the regulation with the Department of Education!

A proposed regulation from the Education Department threatens to devastate for-profit career or trade schools, but one thing is even more controversial than the regulation — how it was crafted.

Education Department officials were encouraged and advised about the content of the regulation by a man who stood to make millions if it were issued.

“Wall Street investors were manipulating the regulatory process and Department of Education officials were letting them,” charged Melanie Sloan of a liberal-leaning ethics watchdog called Citizens For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

So if seems that Mr. Eisman with the Department of Education in tow, allegedly set up a scheme that would make Mr. Eisman a very very rich man... and would hurt thousands of students and schools in the process. (The article continues...)

[Melanie] Sloan has sued the Department of Education over the matter and called on the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate. An inspector general is also investigating whether officials shared sensitive information with officers of a hedge fund that stood to gain from it.

“It is an entirely new thing to actually try and manipulate the regulation in order to change the stock price and make a lot of money,” she said.

Among others, Sloan is referring to Steven Eisman, a hedge fund manager and a figure in the book “The Big Short,” who testified in the Senate against for-profit career or trade schools, attacking them as “fundamentally unsound.”

At the same time, he was betting that the stocks of those companies would fall, a practice known as short selling. “Making sure that they were going to be defamed and that their value was going to be depressed,” said Harry Alford, head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, who worries about the schools because they serve many minority students.

Simultaneously, through emails and conference calls, Eisman was advising Education Department officials — and one White House adviser — in detail on how best to write the new regulation, which he estimated would reduce the schools’ earnings by as much as 75 percent.

The proposed regulation from the administration is aimed at what are known as career or vocational schools. The rule would cut federal aid to programs where student debt levels are deemed to be too high and where students are struggling to repay their loans.

Rep. Rob Andrews, D-N.J., said: “There are some very serious questions about the manipulation of the stock market by some short sellers here, who stand to benefit if the value of the schools drops and who therefore stood to benefit from the rule being put in place.”

On May 26, 2010, Eisman emailed several education department officials, including Secretary Arne Duncan and policy director David Bergeron, sending them a PowerPoint presentation on for-profit schools which he noted was “very negative on the industry.”

And he warned that “if nothing is done, we are on the cusp of a new social disaster” as he argued that student loan defaults could equal the subprime mortgage meltdown that crippled the economy.

But on June 14, 2010, an outside interest group cautioned officials by email about Eisman, saying, “Keep in mind that this guy is a short-seller and as such has a tendency to exaggerate.”

“In some emails you see Department of Education officials caution other officials about how involved they should be with Eisman, given that he has a financial interest in for-profit stocks,” Sloan said.

In one email, Eisman mentioned rumors the Department was going to weaken the regulation and urged officials not to back off.

Though no official from the Education Department would appear on camera, officials did issue this statement to Fox News:

“We went out of our way to speak with as many people as possible, including numerous members of the for-profit college industry and their advocates to ensure that our efforts would do the best job of protecting tax payer dollars against waste, fraud, and abuse.”

But a former Clinton official said if the shoe were on the other foot, Democrats would have a fit, and for good reason. “If it was a Republican administration that were doing this, the Democrats would be on the floor of the Congress in the House and Senate screaming bloody outrage.”

Calls to Eisman’s office for comment were not returned.

No one denies that some for-profit schools have questionable practices that should be curtailed.

But critics say that is no excuse to work with a hedge fund manager who stood to gain from the regulation whose content he was trying to guide.

So either Wall Street hedge fund operator Eisman is trying to save a whole generation of Americans from self-inflicted economic demise... or he's setting himself up to have a very fine feathered nest...(could be both! That's how hedges work!)

It's all pretty nasty that this type of (alleged) manipulation is going on.
Let's hope this lawsuit sticks - and better yet - lets hope this "Gainful Employment Rule" gets exposed for the destructive power grabbing idiocy that it is.

And investigators... bring them in by the truckload! This needs to be exposed and people need to do some very big explaining and/or be put into jail.... and please somebody in Congress... do America a favor and dismantle this corruption called the Department of Education.

(H/T - Linda Dobson)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oathkeepers Honor Jose Guerena

On Memorial Day Oathkeepers went to pay their respects and recognize this veteran that was gunned down by his own government.

SWAT teams engulfed Guerena's home and shot him 61 times.

The police have been militarized and in some instances are behaving like Gestapo.

Americans must rise up and put an end to this, or more innocent people will be murdered just like Jose Guerena was.

Police and peace officers should be serving warrants - not busting down doors and spraying the place with bullets. Further proof that we live in a "shoot first ask questions later" police state.

This is absolutely unconscionable.

Read more here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

20 Under 20

What a great concept!
20 young people were chosen by the Theil Foundation (Theil is the founder of Paypal) to pursue their dreams. This means leaving college programs too.
...the Fellows will pursue innovative scientific and technical projects, learn entrepreneurship, and begin to build the technology companies of tomorrow. During their two-year tenure, each Fellow will receive $100,000 from the Thiel Foundation as well as mentorship from the Foundation’s network of tech entrepreneurs and innovators. The project areas for this class of fellows include biotech, career development, economics and finance, education, energy, information technology, mobility, robotics, and space.

These are some of the real entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow.
Check out the ideas these young folks have and what they have already accomplished.

and homeschoolers are included too!:
Dale Stephens flaunts non-conformity in most aspects of his life. At 19, he leads UnCollege, a social movement that applies the methods of unschooling—the self-directed brand of homeschooling with which he was raised—to the realm of higher education. Now he is building a platform called RadMatter to revolutionize how we develop and demonstrate talent in the twenty-first century.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peter Schiff at iCaucus - Economic Truth

This was filmed on Feb 26th, 2011 at the Grassroots Economic Summit in Lehi, Utah...sponsored and hosted by iCaucus and co-sponsored by Patriot Action Network, Tea Party Nation, Americans for Fair Taxation, and American Grassroots Coalition.

An hour long Truth.
Congress needs to listen to Schiff.
This video is an hour long - but really worth listening to.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

FERPA Rules Changed - How Safe Is Your Family's Information Collected By Your School System?

Government schools collect data on each and every child in their tutelage.
That should concern you if your kid is one of them.


Because now, new Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) rules have changed to allow the Department of Education to share student data with other government departments. This means that all "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) could potentially be shared with other government entities without your consent and without you knowing. Data about your child's hair color, blood type, family health history, academic grades and other academic records will be tossed around whenever they want to toss it around.

You can't opt out - you can't say no - and you can't even know who is getting that information or for what reason.

So much for your child's privacy... and so much for yours as well.
Oh - but it's for their own good you know... and of course they will put in place some sort of "Privacy Honcho" and a whole new agency to oversee it all. How comforting.

Can you say "Power grab"?
It's just more government expansion and control.

How safe is your family data that is collected by government schools?
...The DoED rule changes are part of a reinterpretation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The proposed changes have conservative group American Principles in Action (APIA) up in arms. APIA says they are a breach of students’ and families’ privacy rights.

The DoED’s changes, which it says are necessary because it needs to “judge the effectiveness of government investments in education,” would allow “personally identifiable information” about individual children collected in public schools to be shared with departments other than the DoED. For instance, the DoED could share information with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) or the Department of Labor (DOL).

The DoED dismissed the concerns APIA raised about student privacy by hiring a new “Chief Privacy Officer,” opening a new “Privacy Technical Assistance Center,” and issuing new technical briefs and reports on how DoED thinks student privacy rights can be best served. That still isn’t enough to alleviate the APIA’s concerns.

“Data should only be shared with the right people for the right reasons,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in a statement. “We need common-sense rules that strengthen privacy protections and allow for meaningful uses of data. The initiatives announced today will help us do just that.”

“Under the proposed changes, students and parents would lose their right to prevent disclosure of personal information and, in most cases, would have no way of knowing that a disclosure has even been made,” APIA wrote in its official comment to the DoED in early May. “This result would obliterate parents’ right to protect their children by ensuring that disclosure of their PII [personally identifiable information] is restricted to limited, designated entities for limited, designated purposes. APIA also believes that the goals sought to be achieved by these amendments are not within the authority of the Department to accomplish, but rather lie within the purview of Congress.”

Emmett McGroarty, the executive director of APIA’s Innocence Project, told The Daily Caller he thinks “Congress should make those changes,” if they’re going to be made at all. He’s worried that the DoED’s lack of accountability to the people affected by sweeping decisions is problematic.

“This is a huge leap forward to a kind of managed economy,” McGroarty said. “When you actually step back and look at the 30,000-foot angle of things, what they’re doing is they want to track students from when they enter school through their career, not through [age] 12, not through [age] 16. They want to do it through their careers.”

McGroarty said the DoED will say it’s making these changes, moving towards what he calls a “managed economy,” with the best publicly-stated intentions. But, he worries that bureaucratic officials in Washington won’t understand any potential far-reaching negative effects their decisions may have on generations to come.

“We’re flipping the normal American model on its head [with these rule changes],” McGroarty told TheDC. “The traditional American capitalist democratic idea that each individual is a sovereign and ‘I’m going to shape my life the way I want,’ [would be gone]. Now, it’s big government taking a look back and saying ‘we need this, we need that.’” What McGroarty means is that he expects the DOL and HHS to start telling the DoED to “train” students for certain professions they expect to have workforce needs in the future.
Ah yes, the Department of Labor and the Department of Health and the Department of Education all working together in concert to manage your child's life.

Sounds like a lovely little Progressive... er... Socialist managed economy that we are heading towards.

If memory serves me correctly - that sort of thing doesn't work too well.

I'd say this is yet another reason to homeschool your children.... and another reason to call your Congressman and protest.