Thursday, January 12, 2012

DHS And Department Of Education Partnership

This document (Strategic Implementation Plan - SIP) was just released in December 2011

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Education (along with other government departments) have a common goal now to work through official activities... that includes in and after school, to train people on how to identify potential domestic terrorist behaviors! It is called Countering Violent Extremism (CVE).

In this document you can read about the plan to have DHS work with local police departments and local school districts to provide educational opportunities to train youth and communities on how to identify potentially-terrorist behaviors and activities. Do a search on EDU (Education Department) within the PDF and you will find some interesting plans to train citizens.

That's right - they plan to turn every parent and child into some sort of informant using community "partnerships" to train everyone about who and who is not a potential terrorist, and how you can report these suspects to the authorities.

Couple this with the recent passage of the NDAA, which trashes due process and this should be a big red flag!

It's disturbing.


As the activities described in the SIP are executed, there will be major and long-lasting impacts:

••There will be platforms throughout the country for including communities that may be targeted by violent extremists for recruitment and radicalization into ongoing Federal, State, and local engagement efforts;

••The Federal Government will support that engagement through a task force of senior officials from across the government;

••Community-led efforts to build resilience to violent extremism will be supported;

••Analysis will increase in depth and relevance, and will be shared with those assessed to need it, including Governor-appointed Homeland Security Advisors, Major Cities Chiefs, Mayors’ Offices, and local partners;

••Training for Federal, State, tribal, and local government and law enforcement officials on community resilience, CVE, and cultural competence will improve, and that training will meet rigorous professional standards; and

••Local partners, including government officials and community leaders, will better understand the threat of violent extremism and how they can work together to prevent it.

Who or what are extremists or domestic terrorists?
Are they the people who are against abortion?
or who have more than 7 days of food stored in their home?
or who protest being groped at the airports?
or who support Ron Paul?
or are they people who support 2nd amendment rights?
or who carry Gadsden flags?
or who protest burdensome taxation?

Remember the MIAC report?

We are treading into very dangerous waters my friends.