Monday, February 27, 2012

Illegal Everything

John Stossel has a brilliant report about how rules/regulations and laws in this country have gotten out of control... 42 minutes long but definitely worth watching. Stossel examines everything from kids lemonade stands to selling raw milk, video taping cops, selling sex and the war on drugs.

Many of these laws were created to kill competition, and they give federal, state and local municipalities incredible power... too much power.

"Our government adds thousands of new laws every year. The Feds alone added 80 thousand pages of new regulations just last year. Add in state and local laws and we're drowning in rules - just disobeying one of these could lead to the police locking me up. So given the police has the power to lock me up or shoot me it's important that we be able to keep an eye on them" - John Stossel

Is it really government's job to tell us how to live our lives if we aren't causing harm to anyone else? Should we be told what to eat - where to live - and what kinds of trees we can have in our yards? Is it government's place to dictate what kind of light bulbs we use, how our toilets flush, and what kind of milk we can drink? Should government give you "permission" to engage in such pursuits as homeschooling? or creating a business?

Yes, some laws are necessary - but there seems to be just too many laws and regulations, and I believe the purpose is to confuse and control.

Also - if you get the time, read the book "The Right To Earn a Living' by Tomothy Sandefur.