Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freedom Not Allowed In Michigan Government School

Oh dear .... this is really not good at all... and it is yet another reason parents need to seriously consider homeschooling!
This is just getting to be ridiculous.

World Net Daily reported:
A music teacher in an inner-city Michigan grade school is getting an earful from the higher-ups about the type of songs she can use in her classroom.

According to the April 17 issue of the Rutherford Institute‘s Insider, ... “school administrators informed her that she could not use any songs in class that contain the words ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty.’” Why not, you might wonder. Simple: “Because some children in the school are not U.S. citizens.”

... Since when did freedom and liberty become exclusively American?

Since when did they become so offensive to foreigners? Immigrants used to doff their digs and come here for those things.

What’s more, since when do we give a rip if they are offensive to foreigners?

As imperfectly as we protect and defend our liberties, Americans should be proud of them. We should exult in the providence that took Hebraic legal tradition, hundreds of years of English common law, the guts, wits and wisdom of a few pasty, colonial landholders and distilled it into the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

While Rutherford is looking to take a whack at the offending educrats in Michigan, we should use this example as a temperature reading of how chilling the atmosphere is to traditional American values the nation over.

Beyond that, we need to reflect upon the fact that as traditionally American as those values may be, they are not exclusively American. Championing freedom around the globe is just as important as it is in the classrooms – which also provides a nice comparison with which to judge the public-school establishment:

The people most opposed to the propagation of freedom abroad are typically the dictators and strongmen who stand everything to lose if liberty should prevail in their countries. They value their power and pelf more than others’ freedom.

So, dispensing with the hypersensitive hogwash, it’s clear that the reason teachers are being forbidden to utter the words “freedom” and “liberty” has little to do with offending foreigners, as was suggested, and a lot more to do with the fact that educrats simply don’t put a high value on freedom and liberty.

For these mini dictators, freedom and liberty are all well and good so far as they go, but they’re not so important that we can’t shut up about them if a few kids and their parents get flustered over the fact.

... Forbidding a teacher from chirping choruses with “freedom” won’t roll us into a dictatorship tomorrow. But when public school officials – the people entrusted with your children’s education – don’t value freedom and traditional American liberties, you can rest assured that plenty of kids coming out of those propaganda mills won’t either, and creating a few generations of children that don’t respect basic liberties is the surest way to lose them.

It just boggles the mind.
And what is worse, these teachers will comply with this nonsense.
And in the end, the children will be harmed by being shielded from two very important and very human concepts: Liberty and Freedom.

I'd argue that what this Michigan school is doing is tantamount to educational neglect and brainwashing.

Can we really now stop pretending that government school is beneficial to the next generation of American citizens? Please don't even tell me how homeschooling damages children, when this type of anti-American brainwashing is occurring in our taxpayer funded institutions on a regular basis.

Perhaps those of us who instruct our children using non government controlled means will actually be sowing the seeds of the next generation of patriot leaders. Perhaps our children will grow up understanding the importance of liberty, freedom, and self reliance and they will become adults who will question authority and be able to think for themselves, and who will be able to lead us out of the mire of the Socialist abyss that is being carefully constructed in government schools.

What this Michigan school is doing under the banner of "Political Correctness" is simply wrong and very dangerous.