Friday, April 13, 2012

Homeland Security Vehicles On The Move

What is DHS/ICE preparing for with this type of "Law Enforcement" vehicle?

DHS, ordered 2,717 International® MaxxPro® Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in January... So? What "hot" area in the US do they think they will be fighting in that they need a Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected vehicle??? or are those and the gun ports just to protect you and make you feel safer???

Is there a war stateside that I am unaware of?
Honestly, what is the reason for having this type of vehicle on American streets?

Does this go with the 450 million rounds of .40 caliber ammo they just ordered too?
(That's ultra high performance optimum penetration for terminal performance rounds from Defense contractors ATK)
and since they are doing this under the auspices of ICE- how about those detention facilities?
Certainly there are so many of those facilities in each state, far many more than are needed for illegal immigrants, don'tcha think?
"The Communist Department of Homeland Insecurity, are NOT honorable and good Law Enforcement Officers. They are NOT patrolling communities, keeping them safe, and protecting American citizens. They ARE Secret State Police, and they will infringe on your rights. There is nothing honorable in what they are doing. Training for martial law. Not only will they hurt American citizens, they will hurt our military and law enforcement personnel. They are enemies of the Republic... " - Comment on Facebook
Is this part of the "national security force" that King Obama spoke about?
Should we connect these dots?
Perhaps the people showcasing these vehicles understand that they are making citizens feel threatened which results in citizens arming themselves against possible harm from the government... So one might even assume that DHS is deliberately sowing the seeds of revolution.... think about it. Civilian gun sales have never been higher... just sayin'.
And of course everyone is now a possible terrorist and assumed guilty until they can prove themselves innocent.
I'm sure you feel safer already.

Or shall we just talk about whether Michelle Obama worked more or less than Ann Romney? (Next the pundits will be discussing their fashion sense which of course is of national concern)


Anonymous said...

You surpassed stretching the truth and went straight to lying.

There, I cited the reference for you. Only problem is it states hey are upgrading the Army's fleet with independent suspension.

Read further into the ammunition purchase, it's not a purchase at all. It is an Indefinite delivery indefinite quantity contract. This just locks in a price for 5 years for an amount up to 450,000,000 rounds. It doesn't mean they will purchase that quantity. The could actually purchase 0 rounds.

Judy Aron said...

Where did I lie? You know anonymous - perhaps you can research why the government is buying all of this armored SWAT equipment for use in the US - is there a war here that we need this type of vehicle to patrol our streets? And perhaps you can tell the class why they also just purchased a large number of bullet proof road block booths for traffic stops. Hmm... maybe they are looking to do some heavy duty road side vehicle inspections ... you know for broken head lights and bald tires. (NOT)

Anonymous said...

OR.... They could purchase THE ENTIRE AMOUNT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH....

BadTux said...

I just went to the Federal Procurement System website and downloaded their 1st Quarter 2012 data set for the Department of Homeland Security. Processing 425 megabytes of XML into a database indexed by DUNS number took about 10 minutes for me to figure out how to parse it. Searching for all Navistar DUNS numbers in that database, including DUNS numbers for Navistar subsidiaries, I find that the Department of Homeland Security awarded no -- zero -- contracts to Navistar or any of its subsidiaries for *anything*, much less MRAPs.

So if DHS really is purchasing MRAP's, they've somehow managed to disappear it from the Federal Procurement Database System. As far as I know, DHS doesn't have "black" programs authorization to do that, only certain secretive three letter agencies outside the DHS have that ability. So either DHS is breaking the law in a major, major way, or DHS is not buying Navistar MRAP's. Your call.

Anonymous said...

Do the math, 450M / 5 years / # agents, works out to be an average of apprx 150 rnds per agent per month. Barely enough to qualify and practice properly.

Judy Aron said...

Anonymous... I don't think they are going to be using "ultra high performance optimum penetration for terminal performance rounds" for "practice".

Anonymous said...

OK yall, let's examine this a little better. Yes it's a fact that the DHS has a fleet of these vehicles.
They're DOD surplus. The Marine Corps got about 60 of them for us and research in 2006 or so. The vehicle is a GOLAN made in Israel. For that reason the Corps and DOD decided that they wouldn't field it just because it had that connection.
2. I've looked pretty close at DHS 's contracts and have found some open purchases for ammo but not the one cited in this article and other places.
Here's a couple links for yall .....
I like the video in the second like as it give you some insight as to what is or can be for the vehicle.

Espresso Cares said...

And the so now we have them - but then maybe not - but they are DOD cast off’s - but The Golan is a mine resistant, ambush protected vehicle, developed by Rafael in cooperation with American Protected Vehicles Incorporated. But - this vehicle is under evaluation by the Israeli armed forces. US Marine Corps ordered 60 of these vehicles. But - the vehicle is made in Israel. For that reason the Corps and DOD decided that they wouldn't field it just because it had that connection.
Come on people - this is supposed to be the ‘Intelligence block’!
And how does any of the above - change the equation ?
We do not need this vehicle painted up to look like a rescue unit - roaming our streets - it’s fitted with passive and explosive reactive armor, depending on protection level. The same modular ERA armor is used on the Bradley vehicles.
These vehicles under the command of some duffer in Home Land Security is over the top! And I’ll bet there is an armored trailer for hauling all of that un-requisitioned ammunition!

(Anonymous - you’re out of INTEL - you have been reduced to carrying a mortar plate.)

In the know said...

"Come on people - this is supposed to be the ‘Intelligence block’! "

This is definitely not an "intelligence block". I ran across this article wile searching for something for one of the MRAPs that are being referenced in this blog.

You're all a bunch of complete morons. Everything previously stated by anonymous is 100% correct. DHS did not pay a penny for the MRAPs and all of the extra parts that came with them. Also, all of the reactive armor was removed prior to being given to DHS. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to Google the Golan MRAP and look at what one looks like with the armor still on it.

The MRAPs are used by the SRT and BORTAC teams. Also, the FBI were GIVEN some of these as well. There are used just like any other Police SWAT armored vehicle, for ballistic protection on high risk warrants.

They have "Rescue" on them just for that reason, for rescue. As a matter of fact, I used our MRAP to traverse through flood waters after hurricane Isaac last week to RESCUE people.

Have a clue before you spout off information that you know nothing about.

p.s. I will not even get into the ammo issue, but will leave you with this. Each gun toting agent does in fact shoot hollow points for qualification. They also qualify once each quarter and the qual course consists of 50 rounds. I can assure you that each agent shoots more that one qual course and this does not include Advanced Firearms Training Exercises, which are mandatory throughout the fiscal year.

Anonymous said...

One question that nobody is answering... why is 'DHS' painted onto this thing if they never bought them and why do they need over 2,700 of them? I could see maybe every state having a handful here and there (for fighting the ghost of Bin Laden?).... but 2,700??? Also, why the need for bullet proof check-point stations? Is the DHS branching out to foreign lands and needs bullet proof check-point stations in Iran? I just don't understand why this organization even exists (thank YOU george 'dubya bush) and why they need HOLLOW POINT ammo for "training" and they the need for bullet proof check-point stations.

Anonymous said...

The DHS vehicles are Golans, originally bought for the Marines to test. They were rejected, and thus surplus. There are 60 of them. The 2700 Navistar MaxxPro trucks are totally separate. They have been conflated by uncritical thinkers who lack the research skills and attention to detail to observe the difference.

Anonymous said...

<----Charles-Ummm, dude, can you read? Where in the hell does the side of that thing say military on it? Looks like Homeland Security Police/Rescue to me. When did any branch of the military besides start using solide black as camo colors other than Navy Seals. And why so many .40 hollow points when there most used caliber is the 5.56 plus being its alot cheaper and has a longer range and more damage? Why the hell are they buying new crap anyway when there is plenty that they are bringing back as we speck from the war in Afganistan? Dumb don't you think? Seems to me like they are buying more equipment so they can provide it to the U.N. troops when they raid us. Better get your head out of your arse with that kind of mind set or you won't make it long.