Thursday, April 12, 2012

Municipality To Restrict Tag Sales

South Greensburg PA is getting into a hissy fit about garage sales.

They don't appreciate people trying to make a buck or two in these hard economic times so they have decided to propose an ordinance, which would prevent “people going to flea markets, buying junk that they collect in these flea markets bringing it home, then putting it into their garage, and then calling it a ‘garage sale.’”

Like, how would they really know anyway?
The proposed ordinance, up for adoption next month, would limit each South Greensburg family to two yard sales per year. There’s also a time limit.

“That would be two consecutive days,” Martin says, “and they couldn’t run it all week. And they can’t run it weekly. They can’t run it monthly. Just two separate permits that would limit that. And it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s $5 a permit.”

Honestly - local government can be such an intrusive pain.
Don't these people have better things to work on - like maybe lowering taxes or fixing broken roads?