Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

With the Greeks defaulting (again) and the EU economy in a shambles, it is no surprise that some representatives of EU countries are forcefully saying, enough is enough:

The countries that have been fiscally irresponsible can no longer be propped up by the more industrious and hard working nations and their taxpayers... and it would seem that the Socialistic nature of "spreading the wealth" is beginning to wear very, very thin.

There's just too much government borrowing and spending going on.

The "Takers and Looters" of European countries that are in the crapper (because of the Takers and Looters who have helped to bankrupt said countries) are objecting viciously to "austerity". They do not want to understand that their wants and dependencies cannot be sustained. And as the Socialists are elected to rule government, as in France, the rich successful folk are beginning to flee. This is no surprise.

What is pretty funny is that France's Francois Hollande, the Socialist that hates the rich, is himself quite wealthy (he owns 3 homes on the Riviera) - Again, the hypocrisy from the Left is stunning.
But I digress.

The issue here is the eminent break-up of the EU.
The signs are there, the handwriting is on the wall.
Moody's downgraded 26 Italian banks.
Merkel has ultimatum for Greece.

This relationship cannot be mended. The Looters will have no part of "austerity", and so the riots will begin.

And as the song goes: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do....

"The EU is an anti-democratic predatory organization which uses Legal and Financial manipulation to trap nations in a spiders web of debt which forces people into compliance with the global dictatorship which Bush, Kissinger, Blair and Brown have all described as the "New World Order". - Commenter on YouTube - dreamdiction