Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Free Speech - No More

A new law was passed that makes it illegal to protest near the President or Secret Service personnel.

This is a major assault on free speech and free assembly.

Judge Andrew Napolitano says, "You have the right to make your opinions known in such a way that you're not blocking traffic and you're not blocking pedestrians."

The legislation that was passed and signed into law quietly by King Obama is a very dangerous piece of legislation because it limits free speech and free assembly and it also allows the Secret Service to "decide who gets near whoever they are protecting ... and the Secret Service can make that decision based on the content of your speech."

They can make that decision based on anything really.

Maybe they should be called the "Selective Service"... oh... right... that is something else.

Anyone recall what happened when Crispus Attucks was shot by one of King George's Red Coats
"The first to defy... the first to die"