Monday, May 7, 2012

Ron Paul Wins Iowa, Maine, and Nevada

Will the Main Stream Media be reporting on the continued wins of Ron Paul delegates?
Are they reporting about the thousands upon thousands of people coming out to see and hear Ron Paul at rallies?
Ignore him as they may - Ron Paul is gaining force... and has qualified to be on the ballot at the RNC convention despite the underhanded games that the RNC is playing in order to prop up their so-called "presumptive nominee", Mitt.

Romney even lost to Ron Paul in delegates in his own state!

What is really kind of funny is the underhanded tactics of the Romney camp - like circulating false ballots to trick Ron Paul supporters into voting for the wrong people... and yet while the establishment GOP/RNC candidates do all kinds of underhanded maneuvering to steal votes, they turn around and cry foul when their opponent learns the ropes and then treats them in kind.

I am glad the Romney underhandedness is being exposed.
I have seen the kinds of garbage that goes on at these conventions - the vote rigging and so on... and it's about time they aren't allowed to get away with it.

Yes, Ron Paul is gaining force... like a tsunami... coming to crash upon the Tampa shores....despite media ridicule and media blackout... his strategy of amassing delegates is working.... perhaps just as Warren Harding's did.