Friday, June 1, 2012

Bloomberg's Junk Food Schizophrenia

On the one hand NYC Mayor Bloomberg is the 16 oz. Soda Nazi... with a plan to ban the sale of soda and other sugar laden drinks over 16 oz.

On the other hand ... NYC Mayor Bloomberg and his administration are celebrating National Donut Day! Complete with Photo Ops and Proclamation by the Mayor himself!

To celebrate the historical milestone, Entenmann's will present a donation check for $25,000 to The Salvation Army, unveil the largest box of Entenmann's Donuts ever created along with custom-made donuts 1-foot in diameter, and share a Proclamation Letter from Mayor Bloomberg. Entenmann's will also be providing free donuts and The Salvation Army's Canteen truck will be providing free coffee from 7 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the southwest corner of Madison Square Park, 23rd Street & Broadway.

Soft drinks, bad... donuts, good.
(That ought to keep the NYC policemen who frequent donut shops happy)

Confused? Well, here is their explanation.... (Lame as it is)

That's the thing about being a micro-managing Nanny State Government.... you'd think they would show at least a measure of consistency, especially where so-called "public health" is concerned ... and it is obvious that there is none.

The Tyrant just picks and chooses what he wants to have his subjects do or not do.

It's just more Leftist Nanny State Hypocrisy at it's worst.