Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado Batman Rampage - Yet Another Gun Free Zone Disaster

Another "Gun Free Zone" tragedy... this time at an AMC movie theater.
The Colorado shooting last week was certainly horrific.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the people whose lives were shattered by this event.
Let this be a lesson though.
We do NOT need more "gun control"!!

We do not need more restrictive gun laws that criminals will ignore, and which will make law abiding people into victims.
Criminals do not obey these laws - that is what makes them criminals!

One thing is certain... James Holmes did not care that the movie theater was a "gun free zone" and most certainly it allowed him to shoot without fear of being shot back at by his victims.

JPFO had an article posted which is worth reading.

There is much that we must yet learn about this horrific shooting, in the way of motive and opportunity.

Many believe that this is was some sort of False Flag attack to be used to rally public support for the UN Gun Ban Treaty which is soon to have its ratification voted on by members of our Senate. We MUST NOT allow our 2nd amendment rights to be trashed by this UN Treaty, especially in the wake of this despicable shooting.  Call your Senator today and demand that they Vote NO on this UN Treaty.

We must not allow ourselves to be disarmed by our government and the United Nations, otherwise we will all be as defenseless as the people in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater!