Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Registration Begins In Utah

The Utah Agriculture Department wants their citizens to register their gardens with the USDA!

So, this is part of the Utah Garden Challenge... sounds nice on its face... but sounds to me to be a test run of how government can register and eventually control local food production.... and of course registration will lead to tracking, taxes, permits and probable confiscation of what is grown.

In registering your garden they want to know the size of the plot and what you are growing and why you are growing it. It is a data mining exercise, pure and simple.

This voluntary registration is also being done as a "contest" and prizes will be awarded. Their goal is to register 10,000 gardens in Utah.
"Whether you grow a tomato in a pot, a row in a community garden, have backyard gardens, a CSA or working fruit and vegetable farm, we want to hear from you because you are an important resource as a food producer."

"We need to know how much food is being produced in Utah. The Census of Agriculture is done every 5 years. Every agricultural operation in Utah, regardless of size, is vital to this question. If you produce $1000 of agricultural products, you can influence economic development and decision making by filling out a NASS survey. We will only share your information with NASS by your permission. Your response to the census of agriculture is protected by law. For more information, you can go to "
So it is evident that their belief is that citizens who grow $1000 or more worth of food from their garden will have an important impact on the food market. Because of this, the USDA wants to know about what people are growing.

The fact that it is voluntary and made to be some sort of contest surely makes it sound pretty benign.. but this is how this kind of  program is used to later set policy.

Just remember that our food supply, in many aspects, is slowly being controlled by government... the Statists know that if people grow their own food then they can not be easily controlled as the people who depend on government for food.  Control of our food supply is coming in the form of  "food safety" legislation too. We are seeing many instances of  food confiscation already going on.  It's downright scary to see SWAT teams descending upon people and destroying their property.

In New Zealand there was legislation proposed to Make Growing Food a Government Privilege Rather Than a Human Right! It was done in accordance with:
the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Codex Alimentarius scheme for global food control, the NZ Food Bill, if passed, will essentially transfer primary control of food from individuals to corporations under the guise of food safety. And unless massive public outcry and awakened consciences within the NZ government are able to put a stop to it, the bill could become law very soon.

According to NZ Food Security, a group working to protect the food freedom of New Zealanders, the bill will turn growing and sharing food into a government-granted privilege rather than a human right. It will also make it illegal to distribute any type of food based on the bill’s language. This includes seeds, nutrients, natural medicines, minerals, and even water — without expressed government permission.
New Zealand's bill is awaiting it's second reading... so it is not dead.
Government control of food production is very very real.
Given the fact that drone development is underway - cameras from the sky will also be able to detect who is growing something.

Bottomline... be aware of these government scams regarding garden registration!
Recognize them for what they truly are.
It's all connected to the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development plan for totalitarian control. Believe it.

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