Friday, August 24, 2012

How The RNC IS Rigging The Convention

In case you thought we really have choices in the election process... think again... it's all rigged.

This dirty play is so disgusting...
no wonder people are fed up with the whole process.
The RNC won't even follow its own rules if it looks like things won't go their way.

Why does the RNC fear Ron Paul?

Perhaps because Ron Paul represents real change to Restore the Republic... and he has legions of young people who carry his message, and who will reject this type of back handed political garbage.

It is bad enough the dirty games they played at state conventions, but to play dirty in Tampa will not sit well with the thousands upon thousands of people who support Ron Paul and his message of Constitutionalism. (Did you see the crowds he attracted during the primaries ... which by the way were not reported on by corporate media)

Those votes may very well go to Libertarian Gary Johnson.... or perhaps no one at all.
The RNC is making a terrible mistake here.

.. and if you think Romney's policies will be any different than Obama's .. perhaps you should read this.
Looks like a choice between Goldman Sachs and Goldman Sachs.