Monday, September 10, 2012

Organic Food Is Bogus? Not Likely

With regard to the latest claims that organic foods are no healthier than conventionally grown foods - I found this article of interest and thought I'd share it with you:
If you read the mainstream news headlines today, you might be shocked to see headlines that say things like, “Organic foods no healthier than conventional foods” or “Organic foods may not be healthier for you.” You’ll see these headlines all across the usual disinfo outlets: NPR, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, WebMD and elsewhere.

The problem with these headlines is that they are flatly false. The study these news outlets are quoting actually confirms that organic foods are far healthier for you than conventional foods.

So how is the mainstream media lying about this? By fudging the facts, of course.

For starters, the “study” isn’t even a study. It was just a review of other studies. No new laboratory analysis was done whatsoever!

The “review” was conducted at Stanford University and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. You can read the abstract here

As the study itself concludes:

• Exposure to chemical pesticides was significantly lower in organic foods (roughly 30% less than conventional foods).

• Exposure to “superbugs” in meat (antibiotic-resistant bacteria) was also significantly lower in organic foods (roughly a 33% risk difference).

• The study conclusion says, right out, that “Consumption of organic foods may reduce exposure to pesticide residues and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.”

How the media lied
Somehow, the mainstream media took this study and then lied to their readers, claiming organic food is “no different” than conventional food. That is a flat-out lie, of course. Because it fails to mention all the following:

• GMOs are not allowed in organic foods. So GMO exposure is many orders of magnitude higher in conventional foods, where GMOs are commonplace.

• Artificial chemical sweeteners are not allowed in organic foods. But conventional foods are often sweetened with toxic chemicals such as aspartame [which is a known neuro-toxin] or saccharin [which has been shown to cause cancer].

• The study completely failed to look at the use of genetically-modified bovine growth hormones (rBGH) in conventional milk versus organic milk.

• The environmental impact of conventional food production is devastating to the planet. Chemical pesticides aren’t just found in the crops; they also run off into the streams, rivers and oceans. No mainstream media article that covered this story even bothered to mention this hugely important issue — it’s one of the primary reasons to buy organic!

• The funding source of the study is listed as “None.” Does anybody really believe that? All these scientists supposedly volunteered their time and don’t get paid to engage in scientific endeavors? It’s absurd. The money for the study had to come from somewhere, and the fact that the Annals of Internal Medicine is hiding the source by listing “none” is just further evidence of scientific wrongdoing.

A total psyop to confuse the public and push GMOs
Ultimately, this study comes down to being a total psyop pushed by the mainstream media for the purpose of confusing the public and ultimately promoting GMOs.

Personally, I prefer pure food without being doused in pesticides and chemicals. My apples do not need to look pretty - I would rather they not give me illnesses like cancer and neurological failure.

The fact is this - organically grown produce is healthier for you... it is also better for the environment. Organically and free range raised animals are also healthier for human consumption. They produce better meat and better eggs and better dairy products. I have personally seen and tasted the difference.

A vine ripened organic tomato tastes way better than some hot house grown chemical sprayed and irradiated tomato.
Grapes, berries and leafy greens should always be bought organic because chemicals and pesticides easily get into and stay within the cells of these foods. 
Many people buy organic bananas because they don't want to be responsible for contributing to the illnesses that the people who harvest bananas develop as a result of harvesting sprayed bananas.

You can keep your Franken-foods.
I will take organic any day... especially if I grow it myself.

Best thing.. Buy local too!
Here is a helpful guide with regard to pesticides and produce.