Friday, September 21, 2012


QE1 did not work.
QE2 did not work.
So let's monetize even more debt!

16 trillion in debt.... and counting.

Our money is being made worth less.
The banks win.
We lose.

Did you read that the dept of homeland security has purchased 1.2 billion rounds of live ammo - most likely to be used in the case of riots and rebellions?
Other agencies are also buying lots of ammo.

The government knows quite well the crash is coming.
It is preparing.

...and in the end we will be forced to cede our sovereignty to accommodate a world currency.

The destruction of the dollar is being done on purpose.
The destruction of our manufacturing is being done on purpose.
The destruction of our Republic is. being. done. on. purpose.

Homework assignment: Get your hands on the books "Shadows of Power" by James Perloff and "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. Read them.

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