Thursday, September 6, 2012

The DNC Convention Is A Sham Too - Plus A Video From Peter Schiff

Just so you don't think that just the RNC Convention was a scripted event, you can also see that the DNC is also following its own script from their "leadership".. ignoring the will of their delegates.

From the Examiner:

The convention chair, Antonio Villaraigosa, proposed new language to change the platform to reinstate the previous language that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. A 2/3rds vote at the venue was needed to change the platform. Villaraigosa asked for the vote, and clearly, according to people at the scene, the "no's" had it. Villaraigosa repeated his call for the vote three times and all three times the "no's" appeared to outnumber the "aye's. Instead of asking for a roll call vote which is required by the rules, Villaraigosa chose to ignore the voters in the room and advance the new language, proclaiming, "In the opinion of the chair the aye's have it." This was clearly a denial of reality. Boos were heard throughout the arena.   

This embarrassment illustrates a split between the Democratic Party elected officials and the grass roots Democrats. The elite is concerned that it could lose support and campaign contributions from the Israeli lobby. The rank and file do not care. About half of the Democratic Party faithful do not believe Jerusalem should be the symbolic capital of Israel. This divide was reflected in the voice vote that occurred today.

Grass roots Americans are increasingly disaffected by the power tactics of the national elites in both parties. This event today follows on the heels of an eerily similar power play pulled off by the Republican Party elites at their convention last week. There is a growing divide between the people of the country and the power players and their media partners in Washington. This divide is not going away and in all likelihood, it will grow after the 2012 election.

In that voice vote taken as to whether God and Jerusalem should be put back into the DNC platform - clearly the Nays had this one ...

This report from Yahoo News states:
Some delegates were angered by the change.

"There was no discussion. We didn't even see it coming. We were blindsided by it," said Noor Ul-Hasan, a Muslim delegate from Salt Lake City, who questioned whether the convention had enough of a quorum to even amend the platform.

Also restored from the 2008 platform was language calling for a government that "gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential."
So it's apparent that the people in the crazy hats, wearing buttons and waving flags really should have saved their time and money and stayed home .. they are merely players in this choreographed show.

I will say that one highlight of this convention is this... an interview of convention goers by Economist Peter Schiff... do we need any more proof that the Democrat Party has become the Socialist Party? do we also need any more proof that every single one of these people needs to have an education in economics?

Major Facepalm.