Tuesday, October 30, 2012

11 Year Olds On The Pill In Britain So They "Don't Miss School"

Ok, really?
In the UK, about 1000 11-12 year olds annually are prescribed hormonal contraceptives (usually the pill or injection).
They claim it isn't because the kids are "sexually active"...
They claim it is because of medical issues ranging from acne to menstrual problems.

The article from Dr. Petra Boynton states:
Taking hormonal contraception is, for many girls, a means of ensuring they don’t miss school. It reduces symptoms that could be painful, distressing and single them out for bullying. When the pill is prescribed for medical reasons usually it is parents, in discussion with their daughters, who initiate contact the GP.

Of course hormonal contraception also prevents pregnancy. But being on the pill is not an indicator of having underage sex.

Approximately 26% of young girls have sex before the age of 16 Most are around 14-15. Fewer very young girls have sex and those who do are more likely to be coerced, regret the experience, struggle with access to healthcare and education, and lack family support. They are also far less likely to use any form of contraception.

Oh please, spare me...
Seems to me the only reason young girls like these are put on the pill is to make doctors rich and Big Pharma richer.
Get the girls early so they will have a steady flow of contraception dollars coming in to their coffers.
Get the girls used to it.... and since it prevents pregnancy - how convenient for the young girls now not to worry if they do have sex (even if they aren't having it now.. wink)

If this doctor had any decent medical training then she would know that nutrition and natural means can be used to help reproductive issues... but no... just throw children on the pill... that's easiest. Can't be showing people how to care for their bodies properly without prescribing all kinds of medications now.. can we?

and what about the long term effects on female fertility?
When these girls are ready to bear children,will they be able to?  and will those children be healthy?
One can only speculate. Afterall, theoretically these girls at age 11 can be on birth control for 11 years more until they are ready to have children.  

The whole thing is rather troubling.
It seems the UK is now handing out birth control pills like kid's candy and this "doctor" thinks it's all ok...

More boneheaded sexualization of children... and what's worse, it's being done under the guise of "medical help and necessity"... might as well treat them all like livestock.

I notice the good doctor has shut off comments to the article.
Couldn't take the criticism probably.

Chalk another one up to Socialized medicine in the UK.


Laura said...

After trying every possible alternative (short of surgery) to relieve the debilitating menstrual symptoms I experienced as a preteen and teen and finally finding relief through the use of birth control pills, I would never deny their use or judge any girl (or her family)for using them if they were truly medically necessary. I remember my parents agonizing over putting me on the pill because they did not want me to see it as their condoning of my engaging in sexual activity. I completely understood their concern but was desperate to try anything to relieve the debilitating pain and nearly monthly blackouts associated with my monthly cycle. My parents, my doctor, and I wanted to avoid surgery since my condition would probably resolve itself once I bore my first child (due to the physical and hormonal changes pregnancy and childbirth causes) so birth control pills were the only option left open to me. I took it. Although I still experienced some problems, they were much more manageable with the use of the pill. I was not confined to bed for days every month and the chances of my passing out unexpectedly and hurting myself were greatly reduced. I was shocked when naproxen sodium was available over-the-counter and saw the recommended dosage. Before being put on the pill (and only rarely after) I was on a prescription strength of naproxen... at a dose 4-5x higher than the recommended safe dose for adults! I was an 85-90 lb teenage girl!

Since my first child was born, the medical issues that surrounded my monthly cycle have resolved themselves. For this I am very thankful. However, if one of my teenage girls began to suffer to the extent that I did, I would not automatically rule out putting her on birth control pills if it meant preserving her health and dignity.

Judy Aron said...

The operative phrase here is "truly medically necessary"... I will wager most doctors prescribe pills irrespective of that.
I am glad you found them helpful.. did they ever figure out what was causing your problems?
Most doctors don't address underlying problems and just treat symptoms. That I think is a big problem, especially as most medications have not so good side effects or long term use consequences.
Just sayin'