Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Spanish Carrot Rebellion

I could blog about Gen. Petraus and the sex scandal that is supposed to deflect your attention away from the investigation and hearings surrounding the likely gun running operation that was going on in Benghazi (Supposedly, the Obama administration was involved in shipping weapons from Libya to Syria—arming the al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-linked Syrian rebels—yes, our enemies and yes, with your tax dollars — with Ambassador Chris Stevens as the point man)... but I found this article about an ingenious Spanish theater owner who is rebelling against a 21% tax increase on ticket sales.

Quim Marcé is my new hero!

Check this out:
In Spain, new austerity measures mean higher sales tax on everything from beer and wine to clothing and movie tickets. But in Bescanó, a small town in the country's northeast, the local theater director has come up with a rather creative way to get around a new 21 percent tax on tickets for plays at his theater –- by selling carrots instead.

When the Spanish government hiked sales tax on theater tickets this past summer, Quim Marcé thought his theater was doomed. With one in four local residents unemployed, Marcé knew that even a modest hike in ticket prices might leave the 300-seat Bescanó municipal theater empty.

"We said, 'This is the end of our theater, and many others.' But then the next morning, I thought, we've got to do something, so that we don't pay this 21 percent, and we pay something more fair," says Marcé in Spanish.

He looked out his window at farmland that surrounds this village, two hours north of Barcelona, and suddenly had an idea: Instead of selling tickets to his shows, he'd sell carrots.

"We sell one carrot, which costs 13 euros [$16] -– very expensive for a carrot. But then we give away admission to our shows for free," he explains in Spanish. "So we end up paying 4 percent tax on the carrot, rather than 21 percent, which is the government's new tax rate for theater tickets."

Please read the whole article - it's pretty amusing.
Creative guy that Quim Marcé!
On with the show!
and please chew your carrot quietly :)