Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In CT, you can find your polling place from the Secretary of the State's web site.

Please, if you are using a scanner machine here in CT - check the number counter on the machine before you scan your ballot and make sure the number increases by 1 when you are done.

If you are using any other touch screen in another state - make sure your vote was recorded for the person that you voted for.

Report any abnormality, harassment, or intimidation to the polling place moderator.

I hope America has the sense to get rid of the Marxist anti-American anti-Liberty tyrant that currently occupies the White House. 
Read about Obama's 47 mistakes
Don't make the mistake of re-electing this miserable excuse for a President.
He has been an embarrassment and his policies have caused millions of people to become dependent on government handouts, while he richly rewarded his elitist friends. This cannot continue!

Obama has divided this country by race and class, because he well knows that if we are busy fighting amongst ourselves, we cannot come together to fight his tyranny and the continual power grab of his administration. He wants you to use your vote for "Revenge"... instead you should use your vote to Preserve our Nation!

As for the under-ticket... please vote for those who support State's rights, YOUR rights, and the right to keep and bear arms.  Vote for fiscal sanity.   

and please - contact ALL of your Liberty loving friends and relatives and remind them to go out and vote today!