Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bob Costas Anti-Gun Tirade

You have probably heard that Sportscaster/Commentator Bob Costas decided to rant about the Jovan Belcher shooting event during Sunday's Football half-time and went on about the evils of guns, the "gun culture" and other liberal gun control drivel.

For starters, it was really inappropriate for Costas to use this tragedy to advance his liberal agenda especially during a sports program. Political commentary is really misplaced during a sports broadcast. But, ok, so he felt compelled to open his yap and use his air time to advance an anti-gun agenda. He used his 1st amendment rights to bash our 2nd amendment rights. He won't lose his job over it either.

The problem is that Costas' suppositions are completely false. Costas thinks that if Belcher didn't possess a gun, he and Perkins would still be alive. That is utter nonsense. Belcher would have found another means to commit murder since he was hell bent on doing it... and it is clear that he was not in his right mind. The weapon he used really just became the tool to carry out his crime. He could have used a bow and arrow (like the fellow who just murdered his father in a classroom) or a knife (as in Nicole Simpson's case) or a baseball bat. Should we ban knives, bow and arrows, etc. etc?

And what of automobiles? Surely more people die from automobile incidents than gun shot wounds in a given year. We should probably ban cars and car ownership. (Especially for that woman who ran over her husband on purpose).  And what about choking deaths??? Should we ban food too?

You see - guns are merely tools - like ropes or hammers, both of which can also be used to kill someone.
What we ought to be focusing on is WHY Belcher committed this crime... the gun itself was not to blame.
I am interested as to why Costas did not mention the thuglife culture which surrounds people like Belcher... or even the violent TV shows that his own network airs.
I am interested to know why Costas didn't mention what kind of drugs Belcher may have been taking which would have compromised rational thought. No. He lays blame totally with Belcher having a gun.

And I do know ... at least what I really feel is happening here - is that the media and people like Costas are trying now to step up the brainwashing of Americans to be anti-gun and to magnify the issue of gun violence.. WHY? .. Well, because they are very concerned about the record gun sales going on in this country by LAW ABIDING and PERMITTED individuals. 

And of course if guns were banned, only criminals and the government would have guns. I see a problem there... don't you?

To be clear, this is not about hunting.. or shooting sports... or even about self protection in the possibility of home invasions.
This is totally about the progressive liberal (AKA Socialist/Communist) agenda to disarm Americans in this country.

All you have to know is that the first thing the ruling class of a dictatorship does - as in the case of Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler and Mao - is to disarm the population. They do this under the guise of "protecting" citizens (etc. etc.). They want a citizenry that is powerless. It is all about control.

The Obama administration, and their media lapdogs, are working hard to sway public opinion against the second amendment and against legal gun ownership. There is no doubt in my mind that they are very invested in disarming the population and in this instance Bob Costas was merely the mouthpiece. In true liberal form, you never let a crisis or tragic event like this shooting to go to waste.

To be sure, the anti-gun crowd is going to frame this debate in such a way as to make their opposition sound like they support gun violence. People who support the 2nd amendment will just have to find a way to combat that type of spin and media brainwashing.  

You can be certain of one thing - there are millions of gun owners in this country that are NOT going to allow themselves to be disarmed. EVER.