Friday, December 28, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Simplified

It's that easy!

When you sit down to balance your family checkbook, do you decide to get yourself out of debt by spending more money? Of course not! But this is what Obama and his Congress has done.. they continue to spend and raise the limit on their credit card (the debt ceiling)
They have created a debt so enormous, it will be un-payable.

Face it - Keynesian economics has not worked - we cannot borrow and spend ourselves out of this mess.

Time to say NO More!
Time to cut the spending and wasteful entitlements.
Time to end foreign aid and stop sending money to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Time to defund the United Nations.
Time to cut corporate welfare and end bailouts.
Time to End the Fed and institute sound money!
Time to make some sound economic policy.
Time to stop stealing wealth via taxation.
Time to stop funding illegal immigrants and providing lawbreakers with all means of social benefits.

Perhaps we ought to start this by ending Congressional pensions and perks.
Perhaps we ought to start this by ending the growth of government agencies.
Washington is OUT OF CONTROL because all they want is CONTROL!